Review: Home Life Comfort Sleep 6 inch Mattress

We’re starting to live in a world were mattress is becoming cheap to own. The Home Life Comfort Sleep Mattress is one of the most affordable mattresses I have ever seen. With it being able to ship directly to your door, this makes mattress buying so much easier.

No more dealing with pushy mattress salesman when you can get an innerspring mattress delivered to your door.

Home Life ships the mattress rolled up nice and neat for easy shipping. The compression does not do any damage to the mattress and will inflate quickly once you open it up.

Another cool feature of this mattress is that you get pocketed coils at 15 gauge, which is pretty rare for a mattress at this cost. They usually give this pockets coils to fancy mattresses.

What I like to do in this review is answer some common questions I’ve seen people ask about this mattress and many others like it.

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How long does it take to inflate?

When you buy a foam mattress or latex mattress you must give it time to inflate to the proper height. Well… this not a foam or latex mattress. This is an inner spring traditional style mattress and it will inflate a whole lot quicker.

This mattress pops up quite quickly and you can sleep on it the same night if you want to. They have to compress it for shipping – to keep cost down.

Can you flip it?

You can not flip this mattress. You can rotate it to prolong its life. This mattress has only one side to it.

How Firm?

This mattress is more closely to medium firm than just firm. If you’re a big guy and like firm mattresses then avoid this one. This mattress is perfect for small people or kids.

Daybed or bunk bed

This mattress is perfect for daybeds or even bunk beds. They’re great on price and easy to place on the upper level of the bunk bed. I would use this mattress for a bunk bed before I would use anything else.

I do recommend a mattress protector in case someone spills or has an accident. I know mattress are getting cheaper and cheaper, but a mattress protector is even cheaper.

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Adjustable beds and couches

I would not use this on an adjustable bed or even one of those couches that pulls out into a bed. These adjustable beds and couches need a special mattress that bends in certain locations. Bending this mattress too much or in the wrong way can do damage to it.

I know it comes shrieked wrapped, but it’s wrapped in coil and not bent at angle. Bending at angle can damage it.

Trundle Bed

This is a great mattress to use with a trundle bed. It also works perfect if you want a top mattress on the trundle bed frame too, so why not get two?

How long can it stay in the plastic wrap?

The mattress can stay in the plastic wrap for however you want. I wouldn’t keep it for years, but if you’re moving and need to store it for a bit you’ll be fine.

Futon frame?

I would avoid using this on a futon frame. Unless you plan to keep the futon in the bed frame forever. This mattress is not made to bend like a futon mattress.

Hospital bed?

I would not use this with a hospital bed. Just like an adjustable bed you need a mattress that adjusts at points. If you can’t find a better hospital bed mattress then this one will do in a pinch, just avoid bending it too much.

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