How To Find The Best Adjustable Bed

Buying an adjustable bed can be kind of confusing if you never bought one before, even buying a regular bed can be confusing too.

This confusion can make a person crazy when trying to find an adjustable bed frame that works best for their needs.

What we want to do is make it a bit easier for you to find the correct bed and maybe even the correct mattress that solves your problems.

We have created a guide to help you find the adjustable bed that suits your needs and answer some of the common questions others have had about buying an adjustable bed frame.

What is an adjustable bed?

An adjustable bed is a bed frame that mostly moves the head and foot of the bed up and down. Often called a hospital bed due to their extensive use in hospitals. Even though they can be called hospital beds they’re not the same.

The majority of adjustable beds are electric, you press a button and it moves the head or leg of the bed up and down.

They do make a manual adjustable bed, but they’re not as popular because they are harder to adjust, and ease of use of the electric ones makes it hard to consider a manual one.

You can buy an adjustable bed in many different mattress sizes. They have full, twin, queen, and king sizes that can fit everyone’s needs.

Besides the sizes, you also have 3 major styles, an Electric model, Split King, and Manual. 

Electric Adjustable Bed

The Electric Adjustable Bed is the most common and the one that most people think of when they hear adjustable bed.

Most of your electric models will come in a majority of standard sizes which are the reason why it’s so popular. So if you already have a Full-size mattress and just need a Full-size adjustable bed, then you’ll be set for the electric models.

Like the name says, the electric adjustable beds move up and down with a push of a button and an electric motor.

The best electric adjustable bed that we can find is the Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort. This was hands down the best adjustable mattress I have ever seen. From the pre-sets to the built-in USB ports, this is a well thought out bed.


  • Presets for going flat, Zero-G’s, and TV/PC lounge.
  • Easy to read remote with presents and buttons to raise and lower each section.
  • Built-in low power USB ports.
  • Silent motors.
  • Massaging
  • Easy to assemble


  • USB’s are only on one side of the bed.
  • You can’t have it memorize your favorite position.


A Split-King is just like an electric adjustable bed, but a Split-King can be adjusted independently. So if you like to be raised up, but your partner wants to be laying flat, you can.

The Split-King is a King size mattress that has two separate mattresses. Having the split allows the full range of motion on either side independently.

The Best Split-King Adjustable Bed is the DynastyMattress Split King and Adjustable Beds Set Sleep System Leggett & Platt. The Split Kings are going to be a little more than the other options (still cheaper than going to a retail store) especially if you get one like this one with the double mattresses. Coming with mattresses that are made for it was one of the reasons why it was out top pick.

I know this may not be ideal for everyone if you and your partner have differences in how firm a mattress should be. But for the value, this is a clear winner for us.


  • It’s a split king so each side can control the up and down on their side.
  • Comes with Mattress.
  • The mattresses have CoolBreeze GEL  for better airflow.
  • Motors a quiet and smooth.
  • Massaging function.
  • The remotes have lit screens so you can see at night.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great height to it, to no tall but not too short. Makes getting in and out easy.
  • The gap between the two mattresses is slight, so you can still cuddle.
  • The mattress is very comfortable and supportive.


  • Very heavy, have someone to help you carry them into the house and to set it up.
  • Massaging is a little noisy for my liking.


A Manual Adjustable Bed Frame is very similar to the electric model, but it lacks the electronic part. With a standard adjustable bed, you have to physically move the head or feet units of the bed up and down with either a lever or by hand.

Manual is not the most popular, but it is the cheapest of the three. If the person that is going to sleep on the mattress is going to keep the head or feet area up 99% of the time, then a manual option will make the most sense. If you plan on changing positions constantly, then the manual model should be avoided.

The best Manual Adjustable Bed we found was the PragmaBed Simple Adjust Head and Foot Adjustable Foundation. A simple metal style bed frame that allows you to adjust to one of many different ways. Even though it’s not electric and requires more effort to move, we found it to be a good buy.


  • Very nice price point compared to the other adjustable beds in our list.
  • Durable, sturdy metal frame.
  • Many sizes to choose from, twin all the way up to a king.
  • 13 inches of underside storage.
  • Super easy to setup
  • Once set it keeps its position just fine.


  • Not powered, you must adjust it by lifting.
  • Adjusting the foot is a bit harder than adjusting the head.

Who needs an adjustable bed?

There is no set person or persons that should use an adjustable bed. Anyone can use an adjustable bed, but it’s more common to see elderly or individuals with health reasons to use them.

With the prices of adjustable beds getting better over time I do feel like more and more people will start to use them. Having a bed that adjusts so you can watch TV or read a book is a nice option. Plus that one time I hurt my foot, it would have been nice to have a bed that I could push a button to raise the foot section.

People more likely to buy an adjustable bed…

Seniors: Makes getting in and out of bed easier since you can raise your top half up with a push of a button. Also, Seniors who suffer Edema can raise their legs up above there heart to lower the swelling and offer temporary relief.

Back Pain: If you or anyone you know has a bad then a getting a bed that adjusts might help. I know for me, having my back a little up contributes to relieve some pain when I go through my spurts of backache.

GERD: Gastroesophageal reflux disease effects may get helped by having an adjustable bed that you can raise the head up. If you suffer from GERD, heartburn, or acid reflux then consult your doctor on getting an adjustable bed first.

Arthritis: It’s not uncommon for people who have particular arthritis to get better sleep in a more upright position compared to laying flat on their backs.

Pregnant: It can be hard to find a comfortable position when you’re pregnant. I’ve found an article about a pregnant doctor who explored the adjustable bed option.

Sleep Apnea: Adjustable beds can help relieve the symptoms of sleep apnea. Click here to learn more about this.

Overweight: An adjustable bed can make it easier for someone who is overweight to get in and out of the bed.

Average Joe: If you can afford an adjustable bed frame then I would highly recommend it. There is nothing better than pressing a button to raise you up to watch your TV or read a book. Some of these beds also come with massaging functions too!

What kind of mattress can you use?

You can’t just use any mattress on an adjustable bed frame. Since many of the adjustable beds don’t come with a mattress, you’ll have to pick one up.

They do make mattresses that are made for adjustable beds like these…

Resort Sleep Queen size 10 Inch Cool Memory Foam Mattress

DynastyMattress Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Many of your memory foam or latex mattresses will work for the adjustable frame. An innerspring mattress is not suited for adjustable frames; some coiled mattress can be, but it’s best to avoid spring mattresses if you can.

Whether it’s a spring, latex, or memory foam mattress, it’s best to consult the manufacturer of the mattress to see if it’s okay to on your adjustable bed frame.

We do find the thicker the mattress less likely it will do on an adjustable bed. We recommend sticking with mattresses that are 12 inches or less.

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