Best Mattress for Couples with Different Weights

The wife and I are two very different people. I feel like that is what makes us so great together.

We had an issue and could not agree on it. As a couple, we could not agree on a mattress for our different weights.

For one thing, I’m a bigger heavier guy, and she is a small lady, two very different weights with two very different needs.

What do you do when you can’t agree on a new mattress? 

The answer was simple!

Sometimes I amaze myself with how simple of a solution can be. Are you ready to hear our answer?

Get ready……. you get two different mattresses! 

I’m a genius, I know. But let’s just face it you both are two separate people with two different ideas of comfort.

Okay genius, what about the bed frame? Did you know that a king size mattress is just two “Twin XL” size mattresses put together? So the solution was simple, I buy the twin xl size mattress I like, and she bought the twin xl size mattress she liked. We placed both mattresses on a king size bed frame, and that was it.

Are you ready for the part that will blow your mind? We both have different bed sheets!

I sleep hot, so I have a bed sheet that helps to keep me cool. While my wife sleeps cold (she’s always cold) so she sleeps on warmer bed sheets. They say opposites attract and we do think we’re proof of that. 

I will say putting two-bed sheets on is a bit harder than one big bed sheet, but it just works better for us.

What about the split in the middle? Using two twin xl mattresses on a king size bed frame is not new, in fact, they sell a centerpiece (Amazon Link Ad) online that you can put between the mattresses to make it seem like one big bed.

You Need A Twin XL – NOT a Twin

If you do plan on getting two different mattresses, you’ll need to get a TWIN XL. A regular twin is 39X75, so if you put two twins together, you’ll have a mattress that is 78 inches wide by 75 inches long.

This is a problem.

A king bed is 78 inches wide, but its 80 inches long. This leaves you missing 5 inches in length. Which is a problem since they don’t make bed sheets in that 5 inches shorter size for king beds.  

The good news is that buying two TWIN XL’s you get the correct dimensions of a king size bed. This is a must-have if your partner is tall.

So what do I buy?

The mattress you buy really depends on what you want out of it. Since you’re getting two different mattresses, you can pick out the one you like.

For example, I sleep on a memory foam mattress. While my wife sleeps on a regular innerspring mattress, she’s not ready to make the jump just yet to foam.

The only thing you need to worry about is the thickness of the mattress. You don’t want to buy a 10-inch mattress, and your partner gets a 15 inch one, the bed would be lopsided.

To pick out what mattress works best for you, we have compiled a guide on the different types of mattresses you can get. 

What if this idea is not going to work for us?

That’s a tuff one. If the two different types of mattresses idea will not work then you’ll need a compromise. You need to meet in the middle.

This question is so hard to answer because I have to solve all the problems for a mattress that works for…

  • Small couples
  • Larger couples
  • Different size couples
  • Tall couples
  • Couples with bad backs
  • and every version of couples known to man

There are so many options and finding the best one is not easy. But I have done it.

If you need one single mattress and be done with it, then the Tuft & Needle (Amazon Link Ad) will be the solution. This is the perfect all-around mattress you can get.

From this point, if you don’t like the mattress you can get mattress toppers for each side to make it perfect. If you sleep hot, then get a cooling mattress topper. Too firm? Get a soft mattress topper.

Sometimes you won’t find the best mattress for every person, but you can get close. I feel like the Tuft & Needle is a good bed that will fit many people’s needs.

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