I Found the Best Reading Pillow Solution

I like reading, eating, watching TV, and really doing a bunch of stuff in bed. Reading is probably the number one thing I like to do in bed hands down.

So naturally, I would get a couple of pillows and try to prop myself up, which really just became a pain to do every time.

Then I found out that they made reading pillows and I was over the moon. I thought my hunt was over and I would finally have my reading pillow and not have to worry about setting pillows up to read anymore.

After owning this reading pillow I learn one thing.

All reading pillows suck!

They all look the same and just are not that comfortable. Maybe if I was size of a child it would be fine, but these reading pillows just suck. They don’t support your neck and make me feel worn out after using them.

I don’t understand why they don’t make something better? They try with the wedges, but they’re all hard backing like you would expect from foam.

So what do I do?

I really wanted a reading style pillow, but all the ones on the market are just crap. So this set me in motion to find the best reading pillow that did not suck. And I think I may have found it.

The solution was simple – just use a bean bag chair. 

Yes, a bean bag chair turned out to be the best answer. Now I’m not talking about the massive ones that many people can sit on, unless you want that, but all around the small bean bag chairs you lay on the bed give the best support compared to anything else made for reading in bed.

There are many different bean bag chairs, but only a few will actually work like you want it to.

My answer was to get the Big Joe XL Fuf in Comfort Suede. I really like this one and find it to be the best one to use as a reading pillow. It’s not a normal shape of a bean bag chair and resembles more of the big pillow. This allows you to prop up your back and also since it’s so big it can also be moved to support the neck too.

I would still have my butt on the bed and use the beanbag as a prop to get your head up and back. The bean bag cradles you in and really is the ultimate in comfort.

So what Bean Bag Chair should you choose?

It really comes down to personal preference on what bean bag chair you should pick out. Everyone is different – but I really think the Big Joe Original is probably the best one you can get to fit the reading pillow niche.

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