Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Sleep hot? Have back pain? Then you may want to check out Gel Mattress Toppers.

You can get these GEL Mattress Toppers just about anywhere nowadays, but finding the best one for your needs can be tricky. You have different thickness, different GEL materials, and many other factors to consider.

To make this issue a little less stressful, we have compiled a list of GEL Memory Foam Toppers we believe to be the best ones to buy. Also, don’t forget to check out the cooling mattress topper reviews on each one.

Top Pick

I like to get to the point and show you our top pick for a GEL Mattress Topper.

The Topper made by Advanced Sleep Solutions is an Ultra-Premium Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

This topper is 2 inches thick, and we find that 2 inches are the perfect thickness. They do make 3 and 4-inch toppers, but that really can mess with putting a bed sheet on. Also, it gets to a point where you could just buy a new Memory Foam Mattress at the prices of the thicker pads.

Even if you have a memory foam bed right now, this GEL topper will help to keep you so much cooler but still give you the pressure relief.

If you have a Spring Mattress, then this will feel amazing on your bed. Memory foam is good at relieving pressure points, relaxing muscles, help spinal alignment and enjoy minimized motion transfer.

Check out the reviews

What makes GEL Topper so unique?

The reason why memory foam gets known as a hot sleeping mattress is due to its density. Memory foam is much denser than other mattress materials which doesn’t allow much air flow through the bed.

GEL Memor Foam fixes this by having bigger pores to allow more air flow but still be supportive. 

GEL Toppers don’t have a miracle ingredient in them that always keeps it cool. If you take the temperature of the GEL topper compared to its surroundings, it would be the same temperature. It’s more of a passive cooling device and not an active cooling.

The reason why GEL Toppers work so well is do to the body needing air. To cool off, you sweat and the sweat evaporating is what cools you down. If you don’t have enough air flow to your body, then you can’t cool down.

A GEL topper is a vast improvement over regular beds and traditional memory foam toppers, but if you need a little bit more cooling effect, then you should check out the BedJet. A BedJet is active cooling and will work well to keep you cool while you sleep.

Who is a GEL Topper made for?

There is not one set group of people that a GEL Memory Foam Topper is made for. Anyone can benefit from using them. Here is a list of individuals that can be helped from a GEL Topper.

  • Old Mattress: If you have an old mattress and need to make it comfortable again.
  • Menopause: If you sleep hot from menopause then a GEL Mattress Topper will be perfect for you, I would even take it a step further and look at the BedJet since it actively cools you.
  • Already Have a Topper: If you already have a memory foam topper, but it is too hot, then you should check out a GEL Mattress Topper.
  • Night Sweats: If you sweat at night then a GEL topper is very important to get. The GEL will allow better airflow for you.
  • Up-Graded Mattress: If you have a mattress that needs to be upgraded but you don’t have enough money, then a GEL Topper can help with that. Works great for RV too!

What other GEL Toppers do you recommend?

It’s not that these toppers are bad, they’re actually quite nice, it just that they’re not our number one pick.

  • Sleep Master Gel Memory Foam 2 Inch Topper
  • Cloud9 Gel Queen 3 Inch 100% Gel Infused Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  • LUCID 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Common questions on GEL Mattress Toppers

How is it shipped: Mattress toppers are usually shipped compressed and rolled up. This cuts down on shipping cost and helps to get your topper to your home.

Do you need to let it expand: Yes, the topper will need time to grow to its full size before sleeping on. The good news is that toppers expand very quickly(hours).

Do they smell: Some memory foam toppers will have an odor to them. What I found is that the GEL ones are less likely to smell do to them allowing better air flow. If you’re concern about odor, only buy a GEL Mattress Topper since they smell less, and it goes away a lot faster.

What size for Hospital Beds: You should purchase a TWIN XL if you want to use it on a hospital bed.

Should I get a Mattress Protector: Yes, but not just any protector. You’ll need to get a protector that also allows airflow. A Cooling Mattress Protector is what you need. A mattress protector will help keep liquids away and prolong the life of your topper and bed.

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