Best Mattress Pad/Topper for Pregnancy

Getting correct comfort when pregnant can be tricky at times. If you have a mattress that is getting to be uncomfortable, then it might be time to get a mattress topper or pad. The difference between a topper vs. a pad is that a topper is usually for making a bed firmer and a mattress pad … Read More

Should I Get A Mattress Topper or a New Mattress?

Let me just stop you right there. You have gone on the internet and asked: “should you get a mattress topper instead of a new mattress.” You’re hoping that you can squeeze by and just buy a Mattress Topper to prolong the demise of your bed. Now, let’s be honest with each other. If you … Read More

What is the Best Wool Mattress Topper

Has anyone ever thought about the sheep? They have these big fleece-wool-fur things they carry around all day; you would believe that they would get hot? But they don’t! Wool is excellent at regulating body temperature, and that is why sheep love it. For centuries people understood this, and they have made wool mattress and … Read More

Mattress Pad vs Topper

Have you ever stood there and looked at two products and wondered “what’s the difference?”. This is how people feel when they see a Mattress Pad or a Mattress Topper. Like, what’s the big deal? Are they not the same thing? Nope! They’re entirely different. Mattress Pad A Mattress Pad does two things at once; … Read More