CleanRest Pro Mattress Encasement Review

Having a good mattress encasement is always a good idea for any mattress especially if you have allergies or bed bugs.

There are many things to cover our beds with, but I want to focus on doing a review on the Clean Rest Mattress Encasements.

Why an Encasement?

An encasement is different than the other protectors out there. An encasement fully covers a mattress and allows you to zip it up. While a simple mattress protector is like a bed sheet since you just put it on the top of the mattress.

So what’s the big deal? Well, covering the entire bed helps to keep dust mites and bed bugs away.

Think of an encasement like this… would you rather have a sock that just covers the bottom of your foot or a sock that covers all of your foot? You clearly would want a sock that covers your whole foot so that you have the most protection. Same idea with a Mattress Encasement.

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Bed Bugs

One of the biggest benefits of a mattress encasement such as the CleanRest is that it can protect against bed bugs. You need something that thoroughly covers a mattress to have any chance against them.

Also, the Micronone Technology helps to create a barrier against stuff like dust mites and even pet dander.

The double zipper protection works perfectly for keeping some allergens and bed bugs away and to keep an infestation away too.

Common Questions

Is it easy to take off? Yes. It so easy that many hotels use it and have no issues.

Does it separate? No. The CleanRest does not separate for cleaning.

Is it machine washable? Yes, you can wash it in your washing machine with detergent.

Bedwetting recommendations? If you have a child going through the bedwetting phase, then a waterproof sheet protector along with this encasement might do the trick.

Can you put it in the dryer? I would not put this in the dryer. I would only allow it to air dry.

Does it say what side is top? Yes, the encasement is marked to tell you which side is the top.

Does it cover the box spring? It really only covers the mattress.

What size mattress does it cover up to? It has about 20 inches of depth. Doing this causes it to cover a whole lot of different size mattresses. Having extra is not an issue, just tuck it under the mattress. One big perk of the looseness is that it makes it super easy to put it on.

How does it feel? Feels like a fabric, kind of like a really nice bed sheet.

Dust Mites? Works great for allergies from dust mites. Dust mites and bed bugs are what this encasement thrives at – if you have these issues then don’t think twice just buy it!

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