Swiss Ortho Sleep Mattress Review

Swiss Ortho Sleep is a fairly new people to the mattress world. Not many reviews on them, so I want to go through and review their 13-inch high-density Layered Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

Before going on I want to say I love when a mattress company uses the bamboo covers, they got to be one of the safest covers around. I also love when they do designs into the mattress, the grey swoop is a nice touch Swiss Ortho Sleep!

This review is a bit different than others. I want to go through and answer some common questions people may have with this mattress.

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Will standard bed sheets work for this mattress?

I would get deep pocket bed sheets when using this mattress. The 13 inches really lean itself to needing a bed sheet that has deep pockets or you’ll be fighting the sheets all the time.

I do recommend you get a mattress protector to help keep the warranty of the mattress and to help keep the mattress looking new.

How soft is it?

This is one of the softest memory foam mattresses I have come across. I like firm mattresses so this one is not my cup of tea, but boy is this thing soft. It really cradles you into the mattress.

Is there a smell?

Yes, but it’s not that bad. All memory foam mattress is going to have a chemical smell to them when you first get them out of the bag. It always goes away after some time.

Can you sleep on it right away?

I would wait at least 24 to 48 hours before sleeping on the mattress. Foam mattress come shipped compressed to save on space. So you need to let it inflate for some time before sleeping on it. Waiting 2 days can save you years on the back end of the life of the mattress.

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Can you leave it in the box?

It’s best to get the Swiss Ortho Sleep Memory Foam mattress out of the box within 72 hours of getting it. It’s not good to leave them in the box for too long as the mattress might not spring back.

Can you go in narrow doors and hallways?

Yes, the mattress will bend a little to allow you enter it in a narrow hallway. Or just keep it in the box and open it where you need it since the box is really compressed.

Good for Heavy Big People?

Not really. You might sink a little too much in this mattress. But from experience it really depends on the person, everyone is different.

Is it heavy?

Yes, this mattress will require two people at least to move it around. This is the nature of most memory foam mattresses. It’s not a real concern as you want a heavy mattress so that it doesn’t slide around on the bed frame.

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