(Questions Answered) DreamCloud Mattress Review

It looks like we got a new contender in the mattress world by the same company that makes Nectar Mattress. The DreamCloud Mattress is a hybrid style that combines the benefits of all flavors into one.

Since this mattress is so new, you might have a lot of questions. I want to answer all the common ones I get about this mattress. So let’s get to the good stuff!

Editors Note: We do receive a commission from DreamCloud if you buy a mattress through our links.

First Impressions

The first thing I notice with the DreamCloud Mattress is how tall it is (15 inches thick). You simply don’t see mattresses that come shipped to your door this tall.

Then the next thing that gets your attention is the top. It’s the quilted material that, well, feels like cashmere.

I also like how they’re shipping it in a reusable-like bag. If they’re willing to spend a lot of time to make a good bag that you’ll use once imagine how nice the mattress insides are.

What Does Hybrid Mean?

A hybrid style mattress means it has 2 or more materials in it. There only 3 popular styles of materials such as memory foam, spring, or latex.

The DreamCloud has all 3 in it. You’re getting it all.

The Layers

dreamcloud cutaway of the mattress to show the layers of foam and springs
breakdown of all layers of dreamfoam mattresss

You have eight layers to the DreamCloud Mattress.

  1. Cashmere Top – Provides excellent breathability and premium feel to the mattress. The best part is that it’s naturally resistant to bedbugs.
  2. Gel Infused Memory Foam – Gel helps to keep the mattress cool, and since it’s memory foam it conforms to the body the best.
  3. Quilted Memory Foam – The quilted memory foam is what gives the softness.
  4. Natural Latex – It is hypoallergenic premium natural latex layer gives you the bounce but still comforts your body.
  5. Dream Plush Supporting Memory Foam – This is the deep layer and gives the extra support to those that are heavier.
  6. Super Dense Memory Foam – This is what helps keep the spine in check no matter what position you sleep in.
  7. BestRest Coils – These are your pocketed coils that give the mattress it’s springy feeling. If you’re new to memory foam then getting a mattress like this will make the change bearable.
  8. High-Density Super Soft Memory Foam – This is the unsung hero layer. It’s what cushions all the blows of jumping into bed. Other manufacturers stop at the springs, but having the layer of foam at the bottom adds the luxury feel to the mattress. It’s just something you have to feel for yourself.

Why Would Anyone Want A Hybrid?

If you’re on the edge about buying a fully memory foam mattress or you’re ready for something better than a pillow top, a hybrid is the way to go.

With the DreamCloud you don’t give up the springiness of a spring style mattress. You know, for the adult stuff and simply getting out of bed is more comfortable compared a fully memory foam mattress.

And since the top layer is memory foam you get something that cradles your body better than just springs alone.

Plus, the springs are pocketed coils. This helps to cut down on the motion transfer while still being springy.

How Is It Shipped?

The DreamCloud comes compressed in a box. This makes it easier to ship and move around once you get it.

You will need to let the mattress air out before you use it. The Hybrid’s with the springs in them pop up quick, but I still recommend letting it inflate for 48 hours.

The Cover

The cover is a soft cashmere and polyester blend. It’s a quilted feel to it that gives it the feeling of a pillow top. But doesn’t have the negative side effects of a pillow top like bunching.

I still recommend getting a mattress protector in case you do spill something on it.

But the crazy part is that DreamCloud includes ONE professional cleaning after one year of ownership. Now that is service!

Does It Have Latex?

Yes, it does contain natural latex layer in it.


This is a 15-inch tall mattress.


The DreamCloud is a luxury mattress but without the luxury price. A mattress this nice you would expect to pay 3x more at the mattress stores.

Since DreamCloud doesn’t have any middleman and pushy salesmen they pass the savings on to you.


So what about cooling? Does it sleep hot?

This is the perks of a hybrid mattress; you get the better cooling of a spring without giving up the comfort of memory foam.

This is going to sleep cooler than an all memory foam mattress. And they do take cooling serious with the integrated system in the foam layers.

standard photo of dreamcloud mattress white back

What If You Don’t Like It?

You get a 365-night trial on this mattress.

Just think about that for a second. Who else gives such trial periods? Imagine if you got that for your car or even fridge?

You’re getting 365 nights on something you spend 1/3 of your life on to decide if it’s worth it or not.

You have nothing to lose – no questions asked.

Don’t believe me? Just read it for yourself (365 Night Sleep Trial)


Ever heard of an Everlong Warranty?

Probably not.

It’s super rare to find. What it means is that for the entire time the original owner of the mattress ever has a problem they got you covered.

Of course, you can’t purposely damage it, its only for manufacturer defects. They’ll even pay to have it cleaned once or even re-condition it at no cost to you.

Check out the full details here about the Everlong Warranty.


If you’re sensitive to smells or allergies, then I strongly recommend checking this mattress out.

DreamCloud design this mattress from the start to be hypoallergenic from the springs to the foams.


This is going to be the softest firm mattress you’ll ever sleep on.

The top layers give you the soft feel but when you lay on it the under layers gives the back the right support.

Firmness is subjective. It could be one way for you, but the next guy might think its something else. The good news is that there is a 365-night trial on this bed. The other good news is that this mattress has been put through the ringer and it’s an excellent chance it will work for you.

Size And Weight

TWIN 39” x 75” x 15” and 55 lbs

TWIN XL 39” x 80” x 15” and 68 lbs

FULL 54” x 75” x 15” and 88 lbs

QUEEN 60” x 80” x 15” and 94 lbs

KING 76” x 80” x 15” and 109 lbs

CAL KING 72” x 84” x 15” and 109 lbs


To see the latest prices of the DreamCloud Mattress, please click here.

Do You Need A Box Spring?

Nope, you don’t need a box spring.

The best thing to use is a platform bed frame. Box springs are a dying breed.

I like sticking to platform bed frames with wooden slats on them for the comfort and give. Stick to slats that are less than 3 inches apart, the closer the better.

King or Queen

I get this question often, should you go with the king or queen?

The queen will be cheaper but the king will have more room for the pets and the kids to jump in.

I’ve created a pros and cons of both in this post here.

Break In

Just likes shoes, you’re going to need to break in your new mattress.

This can take a few days or even a couple of weeks depending on how long the mattress has been compressed.

Like with shoes the best way to break it in is to use them. Many people might not even notice the break-in period, but if you have had your old mattress for over 10 years, it might feel odd at first. Sleeping on something for 10 years and then not sleeping on it will take time to adjust to but you’ll soon love your new mattress.

Big Guys

As a fellow big guy, I know the pains of finding a mattress that can hold up. It just seems memory foam mattresses are not what they’re cut up to be.

But there is good news with Hybrid Mattresses that have the spring. The springs give you the needed support for the heavier people. You still get the comfort of memory foam so it’s a win-win.

Bed Sheets

Since this mattress is 15 inches tall, you might need new bed sheets.

But who doesn’t buy new bed sheets when they get a new mattress?

Do You Flip It?

No, you do not flip this mattress.

Sleeping on the wrong side could be uncomfortable.

The top side is the white quilted layer.

White Glove Delivery

You don’t see this often, but you can pay for them to not only deliver it to your door but take it to the room.

These mattresses are heavy, and if you can’t lift heavy objects, then this is ideal for you.