How To Keep your Pillow Cold at Night

Like many of you, I sleep hot. It is a curse, and for some odd reason, an excellent solution has never actually made it to the market.

There is nothing better than flipping the pillow over and getting the cooling feeling. As soon as you flipped it the cooling will start to go away. I’ve tried the wet rag – that doesn’t work and makes a mess.

I even tried these types of cooling pillows you saw everywhere and had no luck with them. They stay cooler than a regular pillow, but it seems they always go back to being warm again.

I even tried the cooling pads for pillows, and they work after you put them in the fridge, but they too fade over time.

I did find how to keep your pillow cold at night and it was much simpler than you think. Read my story below to learn more.

So What Do You Do?

Since most of these cooling pillows don’t work for me, I needed a solution. Since they don’t make an AC pillow, I needed to figure out the best way to keep my pillow cool at night.

So what causes the pillow to get hot? Well, that’s simple, it’s my head giving off the heat. Pillows are good at naturally sucking in heat and keeping it due to the cotton and other fibers they’re made of. The memory foam pillows are probably the worse as they don’t allow the pillow to breathe.

My First Thought

Well, my first thought was to ice. I tried the ice in a bag trick under the pillow and found it was not the best idea I ever had. The ice melts, and even though it’s in a bag, it still makes a watery mess. Plus it doesn’t stay cool for long since the ice cubes melt just as quick as the problem with the cooling pillows.

So I needed something bigger, the bigger the ice, the longer it will take to melt. So I grab a 2-liter bottle and filled it 3/4 full of water and froze it.

Now I learn from the past and know I should not sleep with this water bottle since it will just make a mess in the bed and the wife doesn’t like it. So what I did was place the 2-liter bottle in a bowl, to catch the condensation as it melts, and then placed it on my nightstand.

I put theĀ fan behind the 2-liter bottles to blow the cool air on to me as I sleep.


The idea works. The 2-liter bottle takes a good part of the night to melt and plus I have cool air blowing on me and my pillow. I freeze the bottle when I wake up and place it on my nightstand to have the fan blow the cool air on me at night when I sleep.

This works well and helps keep me from sweating the night away.


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