Can You Return a Mattress in a Box if You Don’t Like It?

Memory foam mattresses are cool when they come compressed in a box delivered to your doorstep.

What is not so cool is if you have to return one as it feels almost impossible to compress it back up.

There are a few things to consider if you find yourself wanting to return a memory foam mattress that we go over below.

The Return Policy

Before you start panicking it would be wise to check out the return policy for your mattress. It might not be such a big deal.

You might be surprised by how the manufacturer handles returns. I’ve seen some companies not want the mattress back or they hire “junk guys” to come by in a truck to get rid of it.

But some memory foam mattress manufacturers will want the mattress shipped back so don’t expect an easy way out for all of them.

To make it simple, I’ve listed off the most popular memory foam mattress manufacturers and a link to their return pages.

Has It Been 30 Days?

Most of these mattresses in a box companies will require you to keep the mattress for at least 30 days.


Well, just like a shoe you need to break it in. Me personally, it can take up to 2 weeks before I get in the groove of my new mattress.

Don’t jump the gun and hate a new mattress after 3 days. Like any good relationship, it’s going to take some time. You’ve spent years on your old mattress, and it’s formed to your body, probably a little too much since you had to let it go.

So give it at least 30 days. If you think you can’t make it that long try calling up the mattress company and voice your concerns. I’ve seen some ship a topper (with a cost) to make things better. Or you could pick up a mattress topper yourself to see if things are better before sending it back.

Are There Stains?

The stain issue I’ve seen be more of a problem for your brink and mortar stores not accepting a mattress but it could happen to you.

If there is an obvious stain, like it looks like you killed someone on the mattress, don’t expect them to take it back. If it’s that bad, you need to go through proper channels of human waste disposal.

If you’re worried about other warranty things with your mattress, then you need to read my post on whether or not mattresses warranties are worth it.

Compressing For Shipping

If you need to compress the mattress for shipping make sure that they supply you with a shipping label.

Shipping something this big and heavy is expensive.

If they don’t supply a shipping label, then it honestly might be better to get a quote from 1–800-Got-Junk instead.

It’s better to watch a video on compressing the mattresses in bags, so I compiled a couple below.

These videos used moving bags, and I have a post on the best moving bags for mattresses here.

What Happens To Returned Mattresses?

The good news is that many of the memory foam mattress companies will try to give the mattress to someone in need.

Either the homeless or families that truly need a new mattress.

The last option is to throw it away or recycle them. When I say last option, this is REALLY the last thing they want to do. The good news is that many of the junk-haul-away places will try to recycle the mattress the best they can.

But some states have strong regulations on used beds and often make it difficult for this to happen. It’s more like they’re backed up with so many used mattresses right now that they need to get cleaned that they can’t take in anymore. And thus the junk hauler guys come in.

Other Options

Another option is to sell it to friends or family.

Now, I’m not going to tell you to sell it to them for full price (that would be wrong), but many people don’t realize how affordable these mattresses you buy online are. Many people are used to spending thousands on a new mattress but if you bought yours for well under that and they deem it a good deal what’s the harm?

Or you could be the good guy and give them the mattress if the above options don’t work for you. Sometimes memory foam mattresses are not for everyone and to be done with the ordeal is just to get rid of the whole thing and move on.

I do recommend going the extra step and wrapping the mattress in a moving bag and seal it up for a week. This keeps bugs out and if there is any in there hopefully kills those suckers as well.

Interesting Stuff

The NY Times has done a great article on buying memory foam mattresses online and then the experience of returning them.

I recommend you read it, but one part stood out to me. Tuft & Needle strives to donate above all else. Like going to the junkyard is not an option for them.

Tuft & Needle will go as far as letting you donate to someone you know in need. The article says they posted it on Facebook and he had a friend come up that her organization had a sex-trafficking victim needing a new mattress.

So long as you provided proof to Tuft & Needle that you donated it to a good cause you were done. If you ask me that is how it should be done especially since many of them reporting that below 10% of there mattresses get returned.

If anything, stories like this make me never want to deal with the hassle of brick and mortar mattress stores. These online mattress makers do go above and beyond. Just saying, I’ve never had a mattress I bought from a brick and mortar store do this much in the way to help me in returning a mattress.

One More Thing

Please, don’t abuse the system.

As from the story from the NY Times and what Tuft & Needle does is a great thing. But if people start abusing it, you’re only hurting the people who really need this help.

So please, don’t abuse the system.