Leesa Mattress Review: Deep Dive

I think it’s great how there are so many reviews on the internet about the Leesa Mattress. What is not so great is that there are so many reviews on the web about the Leesa Mattress.

If only someone would go through all of them so that you don’t have to. But for a person to go through all of the reviews, they would have to have no life and really love mattresses. They would be a madman!

Hi, I’m Lee. I have gone through every written thing I could find on the Leesa Mattress so that you don’t have to. It took me several days to compile this information, and I did it because I love mattresses.

I want to give you a “deep dive” into what people are saying about this mattress so that you can make a better buying decision.

This review is not going to be all rainbows and unicorns – only honest reviews from people and myself. I was not given a free mattress from Leesa. I do want to point out that I do have links on this site that if you click and go through them I may receive a commission on products you buy at no cost to you. 

Height & Weight

When I was looking at other sites that talked about the Leesa Mattress (Amazon Link Ad), I found that many of them never even mention the weight or height of the people sleeping on them.

This is a huge factor!

From all the reviews I could find I have compiled a little list of the people who bought the Leesa mattress and their weight and height. Next to their weight and height are what they thought of the mattress.

241lbs 6’2” (Husband) and 176lbs 5’8” (Wife) – Gave a sunken feeling. It seemed that they never had a memory foam style mattress before and was not use to it. He did get a refund and said customer support was amazing! They also liked the mattress cover too!

210lbs Each Couple – They love it! But they say people under 200lbs might not like it. Interesting they would say that as you’ll see in what others say about it below.

344lbs 6’2” – Likes it, says it doesn’t bottom out on him even when sleeping on his side. Also, he says he doesn’t get overly hot when sleeping on it.

221lbs (Husband) 151lbs (Wife) – They report no sagging so far and really love their Leesa.

186lbs Male Stomach Sleeper  – Says his chest sinks too much. He’s not a fan but says back sleepers and side sleepers might enjoy it better.

99lbs (Wife) 186lbs (Husband) – The wife says it sleeps cool to her and is very comfortable. Her favorite part is that she doesn’t get woken up when her husband jumps into bed. She says her husband likes it too.

324lbs 6’4” Male – Really impressed with the mattress and how it doesn’t dip too much when he sleeps on his side.

124lbs 5’4” (Wife) 199lbs 6’1” (Husband) – They say that they are on the muscular side of things and find the sinking and comfort just right for them.

129lbs 5’6” Female – Complained that there is no edge support. This has more to do with the nature of foam beds, and we will discuss this a bit more below.

221lbs 6’3” (Husband) 161lbs 5’6” (Wife) – They loved the bed, but it took them a few days to get used to it and for the smell to go away.

What I noticed from all the people that would give out info such as weight and height was that there is a lot of tall people buying this mattress. I did have one guy complain that the mattress was not long enough. A mattress not being long enough is not a complaint to Leesa since they follow the standard dimensions of the Queen mattress that he bought.

I did find one guy complain that “heavier people” will not like this mattress. But I found that most people over 200lbs actually loved the mattress. One guy was even 345lbs and likes it!

I did find a few couples sharing a bed, and the smaller person did find that adding a mattress pad made the bed feel better to them. Couples sharing a bed will find it harder to pick the perfect bed because each person is so different. I do have a guide to help solve this problem here.

For couples that bought the Leesa mattress, we found that the most popular was the Queen Size. We did find that couples that we’re not in there 20’s liked to buy the King size more. I personally sleep on a King size mattress, and I say if you got the room go with the King. Trust me; the extra room is worth it.

Check out the reviews (Amazon Link Ad)

Firm or Soft?

I was amazed by how split people were about the firmness of the Leesa Mattress. When the topic of whether or not the Leesa was too firm or too soft about 60% said it was firm, and the other 40% said it was soft.

I usually never see such a split of people on a mattress. It’s like the Leesa Mattress exist in two states  – both too soft and too firm.

But this makes sense!

Leesa wanted to make a mattress that would work for many people. To make a bed that exists in the middle you got to be too soft and too firm at the same time. When you look at these from a birds-eye view you’ll see Leesa accomplished this goal.

To understand this better, you must understand the layers of the mattress. The Leesa has 3 layers. The top layer is Avena foam which is a latex “alternative” which gives you the soft feel. The middle layer is a memory foam layer which provides you with the firmness. The bottom layer is the polyfoam which is there to support the other layers.

From what I have seen is that the people who complain about the mattress being too soft always point out the edge of the mattress. If you sit on the very edge of the bed, then you have focused your entire weight at that one point, so the mattress will go flat or feel soft. This is because you have not dispersed your weight properly and is not a fair test.

Firmness is subjective and it’s hard to convey that to other people. But reading many reviews on what hundreds of people say I found that on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being hard as concrete many people rated the Leesa Mattress at a 6 to 7.


Quite a bit of people found this mattress to be middle of the road on comfort. Others have stated that it sleeps like a cloud and has just the right firmness.

I did have some individuals who said it helps relieve some hip, shoulder, and even back pain for them.

The crowd of people that like the Leesa the most were Side Sleepers.  The Avena foam is great for side sleepers as it will feel soft when laying on your side. Back Sleepers were the next group of people that like the mattress, but not as much as side sleepers. As for stomach sleepers, it was up in the air for them.

The Avena foam has a good bounce-back and perfect springiness to it. Many people say Avena feels like latex, but I don’t think it does. Latex is a different feeling of bounce to it.

Avena does give excellent comfort and support with pressure release.

Motion transfer is not noticeable on this mattress so that you won’t wake your partner.

We do have some reporting that the bed is so comfortable that they started dreaming again.

Does it Sleep Warm?

To be honest, there were some people who said there Leesa does sleep warm. This is a common trait of many memory foam mattresses.

The more I dug around the sleeping hot issue the more I started to understand. It seems the people complaining about the Leesa sleeping warm have had the problem in the past with other mattresses sleeping warm too. They appear to be in a search for a mattress that was “cooling.”

I don’t want you thinking that a Leesa will feel like sleeping in an oven. The people complaining about the heat have had issues in the past or could have something wrong with their bed setup.

If you have had problems with sleeping warm on mattresses, then it might not be the mattress itself. You could have a medical condition, and you should check with your doctor to find the real problem. Also, things like what you place your mattress on, what bed sheet you use, and even where you live can affect the cooling of a mattress.

I have found that putting your mattress on a metal platform bed frame with good ground clearance. If you place your bed on an old box spring, you’re only blocking the heat from escaping as the box spring does not allow the best heat transfer. A metal platform bed frame will allow the heat that radiates from the mattress to pass through it as metal is an excellent conductor of heat, and works kind of like a heat sink. This is why I recommend a metal platform bed frame over a wooden one. Also, don’t have too much stuff under the bed, you want maximum air flow all around your bed. Things like bed sheets and comforters under the bed can act as an insulator even though you’re not touching them. It is better to have airflow under your bed.

It’s smart to pick up a cooling mattress pad if you have problems sleeping hot. I know it’s going to sound odd but the best cooling mattress pads I have seen are the wool kind. I even have a review on it here.


I did find a couple of people complaining about sinking into the mattress over time. Some people even reported that it only happens after the 6-month mark.

I was perplexed by this, so I dug a little deeper to see if there were any patterns as to why this was happening to them. What I found out was that some were using a box spring.

Some were even using very old and worn out box springs that did not give this mattress the support it needed. Over time it just sunk into the box spring making it feel like the mattress itself was not holding up.

The people who were using a Platform Bed Frame had fewer problems with the mattress sinking. It’s important to note that a box spring is better suited for an innerspring mattress.

If you get a Leesa then get a Platform Bed that gives good support to it.

The Cover

You know what the number one thing that everyone agreed on? Even people who hated this mattress loved the cover that was on it.

Not only did the cover look amazing and stylish but was super comfortable. Quite a bit of people did mention that the cover was thin, but this is by design.

A thin cover allows better air flow to help you sleep cooler.

Some people were bummed out that they had to put a bed sheet on the cover because it felt so good. They begged Leesa to come out with something that felt like this cover. So Leesa did. Leesa has a blanket you can buy that feels like the cover on their mattress.

Leesa’s Goal

Before we go to deep into this review, we should include the goal that Leesa has when making their mattress.

Leesa wanted to make a mattress that was comfortable to most people. Mattress shopping has gotten a bit too confusing and complex, and Leesa set out to make it super simple.

No need to go to the mattress stores and get hassled by a salesperson trying to sell the mattress of the month. Leesa found a combination of foams and the use of Avena Foam to make a mix that will work for most people. And it worked!

The key word being “most.” There are still a few people who will not like this mattress. This is just a matter of life; you’re not going to make everyone happy. So this brings me to my next point, what about when you need to deal with their customer service?

Customer Service

I had a job working in customer service at some other company, and I found that when someone is not happy they can be a little irate at times. I feel like I know what to expect when reading reviews where someone is not happy, and I get a real clue as to why they’re not happy.

When I was reading the Leesa reviews about how they treat their customers, I was a bit taken back. Usually what I see when someone does not like a product is that they will group the product and the company in the “1-star” rating. What I saw from everyone, even the people who just flat out hated their mattress was that they all loved the customer support!

I even saw a few people give the mattress a 2 or 3-star review but said that the customer service was 5-star. Even the few people getting refunds said they were helpful.

If a company is willing to go out of their way to be very helpful even to the very few people that just hated their product just speaks volumes about how great the company is. Great job Leesa! You have one of the best customer service experiences around. All the reviews I could see loved their experience with Leesa even if they had to return the product.


A common thing I did see from many reviewers was that the mattress did give off an odor to it. The average amount of time I could see for the smell to go away was a couple of days.

If you’re new to memory foam mattresses then this is not uncommon and it’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

When you buy a mattress online, they ship it compressed and vacuum sealed in plastic. The mattress is in that seal until it gets to your home. So it has not taken much time to breathe. When you open the box or break the seal you need to let the mattress expand. While it’s expanding, let it air out for a bit.

Many of the memory foam mattresses I play with nowadays don’t have much smell to them and it seems the odor problem is an old problem. I do know that some people’s noses are more sensitive than mine so I have a little guide on how to remove that new mattress smell here.


Everyone was happy with the shipping of the Leesa Mattress. Many people could not believe that an entire mattress would fit in a box.

The entire mattress came compress and plastic wrapped in a box. The box is heavy, and we recommend two people lift it. I know some of you are thinking – whatever I can lift it by myself. Don’t do that. You don’t want to have back pain from lifting the mattress by yourself.


You will need to allow this mattress to expand or inflate to its correct size before sleeping on it. It’s best to let it inflate for 48 hours which is enough time for it to air out.

Many people in the reviews I found said the mattress was all right for them to sleep on that night. I’m the type of guy who plays it safe, and I would wait. If you want to know more about this inflating I have a post on it here.


When you get the mattress, you’ll want to place it in the room where you’re going to use it. It’s best to unbox the mattress and put it with its wrappings on the bed frame. Get the mattress as sprawled out and then very carefully remove the plastic that holds it. The mattress will start to expand. Remove all plastic wrapping and allow it to expand completely.

Getting Use To It

You have been sleeping on your old mattress for a while now. So sleeping on a new mattress is going to feel odd at first. You will need to get used to it especially if you’re coming from a different style of mattress.

I found that people coming from a Tempurpedic or Pillow Top mattress to have the easiest time getting used to the Leesa Mattress. 

People coming from a purely innerspring mattress will have the hardest time. It may take a week to get used to this mattress according to people’s reviews. But once they have gotten used to the feel of foam they don’t want to go back. Many people say that when they visit hotels that they miss there Leesa Mattress because they get so used to it.

I for one know this problem. I use to only sleep on a spring mattress but when I got my first memory foam mattress it was different and took a couple of days to get the feel of it. It made perfect sense that I had to get used to this new mattress because I had my old mattress for 10 years. It was a habit. After a week I was sleeping deeper and better.

Mattress Stores

I did see a lot of people fed up with mattress stores that overcharge for a mattress. A big reason why so many people went with the Leesa was that it was a much better buying experience than jumping from mattress store to a mattress store.

One lady was stressed out about mattress shopping that she dreaded the idea and was very happy she could buy a mattress online.

I know the feeling of going into a mattress store to only be followed around. Lay on a ton of beds that start to feel the same and only ending up getting a mattress just to get out of there because you’re tired of mattress shopping. Plus you don’t get pressured into buying the mattress of the month.

Leesa takes the middleman out of the equation and ships directly to you. The whole process is straightforward and easy.


From what I can see is that the Leesa’s are a good middle of the road mattress. It’s perfect for side sleepers, and even back sleepers will like it.

Be prepared to allow the mattress to expand and air out for a few days.

Leesa Customer Service is fantastic!

The cover is one of the best feeling covers on the market.

If you sleep warm, make sure you have the correct setup before getting the Leesa.

Don’t use a box spring with your Leesa. It’s best to get a platform bed frame.

Leesa has built a mattress that will suit many people’s needs and has done it at a fair price too. Overall the Leesa Mattress is a good buy for most people.

Interesting Stuff

Here are some interesting things I found when researching reviews on the Leesa Mattress.

  • A lot of tall people bought it. Men who were over 6 foot and women over 5’7” purchased this mattress. The information is not conclusive since not everyone gave their height, but it’s still interesting.
  • More people gave reviews in August. I figure its more to do with the “back to school” rush.
  • Leesa had more reviews in 2016 than they did any other year. This is good as more people want to report on the mattress and how they like it.

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