Review: Lucid 10 Inch Mattress W/ Mattress Protector

It’s about time.

For the longest time, I’ve always been telling people to get a mattress protector with there new mattress. It only makes sense, people sweat, drool, spill drinks, and do other nasty stuff in bed.

Why don’t mattress protectors come with every new mattress? Lucid has listened and delivered with this mattress.

In this post, I want to answer some of the common questions people have about the LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Encasement Mattress Protector. It can be confusing when buying a new mattress and I hope to clear up some of the questions.

The Big Deal

So what’s the big deal, it’s just a mattress protector?

Simple, a good mattress protector can keep your bed going strong for years. Sweat and other liquids can get trapped in a mattress especially when its a memory foam.

Do you want to be sleeping on last Tuesday soda spill accident? I doubt it.

But that’s not just it. People don’t buy mattress protectors to begin with no matter how good of an idea it is. They either don’t know about them or had a bad experience with them.

The modern-day mattress protectors are silent, cool, and are affordable. No more plasticky feeling ones and sleeping hot – the modern day ones feel like a normal bed sheet.

If you combine the mattress with a good mattress protector especially made by a company that also makes great mattress protectors you have a winning product. It’s that simple.

What About Reviews and Cost?

Trust me, read as many reviews as possible when buying any mattress. Please check out the reviews and price here.

Break-In Period

Just like with shoes your mattress needs to be broken in. The same goes for this Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory foam Mattress.

It’s best to allow the mattress to inflate for 48 hours before sleeping on it. This allows the mattress to get to its correct size and keep it going for years to come.

What’s With Gel?

Using Gel in a memory foam mattress is quite common. The Gel helps with keeping the mattress cooler.

Box Spring – Do You Need One?

A box spring is not needed with this mattress; in fact, I would avoid them if you can.

This mattress does NOT come with a box spring.

Go with a platform bed frame as I found them to be a lot more supportive and look a lot better in the bedroom.

I’m a fan of the Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation.

Heavy People

While this mattress will work fine for most people who are overweight its the bed frame itself that you should be more concerned about.

I have a post here where I go into more details about what bed frame you should be using if you’re on the heavy side.

Me And My Dogs

I love my dogs as much as the next person, but my dogs are big and hairy. This mattress will hold up the extra dog weight but its still essential to get the correct bedding.

If you hate pet hair, then you need to check out my post on the best bedding for pet hair.

Why So Affordable?

I know its a shock to the system when you first look at getting a mattress online. You’ll find the prices to be more competitive than the ones at the mattress stores.

The reason why it cost more to get a mattress at a physical location has many factors like overhead. A store has lights, salespeople, rent, and many other factors that get tied into selling you a mattress.

Mattresses you buy online don’t have the extra overhead so they pass the savings on to you.

Another factor is competition is stronger online too. A customer can go to different stores in a few clicks while going to a different mattress store is quite difficult.

Does It Sleep Hot?

Lucid has thought it through in making a mattress that doesn’t sleep hot.

What I find is that if you sleep hot, it’s not usually the mattress as most mattresses will feel hot to you. Don’t worry, its common and I’m affected by it too.

The real solution is to stop looking for the perfect mattress that is made of ice but instead realize that most mattresses are not magic cooling things. Instead look into getting something like a BedJet. I’ve done a detailed review on the BedJet here with many pictures and stats showing how useful it is to keep me cool at night.

How Is It Delivered?

The great thing about buying a mattress online is getting it shipped to your door. You won’t believe how compact this gets when you first see the box.

To cut down on shipping cost and to make it easier to handle Lucid compresses the 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress. You will need to allow it to expand before sleeping on it but it’s quite cool to watch it grow when you remove it from the packaging.

Don’t let its size fool you; it is going to be heavy so make sure to have someone help you carry it in the home.

Adjustable Bed Frame

You can use this mattress on an adjustable bed frame.


The feel of the Lucid Memory Foam Mattress with Encasement is going to feel medium to hard.

It’s kind of an odd feeling because if you’re used to sleeping on a spring mattress, there will be a difference. The memory foam will cradle to your body shape which makes it comfortable. But it doesn’t have the bounce you would expect from a spring mattress.

It took me a week to get used to the feel of getting in and out of the bed compared to my spring mattress. Memory foam is one of those beds that once you have one it becomes hard to sleep on anything but memory foam. Its how beds should have been from the get-go.

How Long Can You Keep In The Box?

You’ll want to get the mattress out of the box as soon as possible. You need to allow it to expand and being stuck in the box for a long time is not good for it in the long run.

Can I Cut The Mattress?

I know some will want to cut a memory foam mattress to fit certain things like an RV or camper, but this will void your warranty.

Plus, it’s hard to tell how a mattress will feel and hold up once it’s been cut up. It’s best to avoid doing it.

Do You Flip The Lucid Mattress?

No need to flip this mattress or most memory foam mattresses. You can and should rotate it every 6 months.

Most memory foam mattresses are layered in a way that the softest foam is at the top and the hardest is at the bottom. Some people find sleeping on the hardest foam to be nice, but I would stick to the soft foam first.

I’ve even seen people get mad that their new mattress is not comfortable or too hard. The reason was that they were sleeping on the wrong side so make sure you have it the right way up.

10 Inch Vs 12 Inch

When in doubt go with the 10 inch.

At 10 inches its quite thick and is what I call the Goldilocks of mattress sizes.

If you’re on the heavier side or mostly sleep on your side, then the 12 inch would be a better option. Or if you want a taller bed go with the 12 inch.

What Size?

If you want to get a new mattress with a new bed frame, I recommend getting a King Size if you have the room. This becomes obvious when you have the dogs sleeping in the same bed as you; the king size gives you the needed room.

RV and Semi Truck

This mattress will be great for RVs and Semi Trucks that have the correct size base.

No need to worry about the hot Sun hurting it as it will be fine when you leave it.