Are Mattress Pads Necessary?

Mattress pads or mattress toppers are basically covers for mattresses which have a number of functions and benefits other than protecting the mattress. They come in numerous shapes and sizes and can range from a thin quilt-like sheet to a thick cushion like a slab.

Mattress pads are gradually gaining immense popularity owing to their potential in extending the durability of a mattress while also catering to health, comfort, and hygiene. Available in a number of different options when it comes to the materials used, these pads primarily made of latex, wool, cotton or memory foam, has its own set of benefits and advantages for every different material.

Types of mattress pads

Ranging from a thickness of 1-4 inches, mattress toppers are available in myriad options to fit the needs of different people and their different requirements. Let us briefly take a look at these varieties.

Memory foam pad – A recent addition to the assorted varieties of mattress pads available in the market these days, memory foam pads are the ultimate comfortable addition to your bed. Crafted with the same features as that of memory foam mattress, these pads are usually up to 3 inches thick and can add a great deal of comfort and relaxation to your bed.

The presence of foam enables the pad to balance out the pressure applied on it thus diminishing any chances of undue pressure points in your body while sleeping or sitting. Memory foam pads are visually appealing and can cost higher than most people can afford, but it is still is one of the best options for people looking for an extremely comfortable sleep.

Egg-crate pad – These effective pads derive their moniker owing to their egg-crate design. Egg-crate pads have unique aesthetics like raised and depressed surface to facilitate comfortable sleeping while also helping users with body-aches. Egg-crate pads are usually very inexpensive and can be easily afforded by anyone.

Latex pad – Latex pads are crucially essential and effective for people with incontinence and also for children for whom midnight accidents still happen. Latex pads are extremely important to prevent your mattress from any kind of wear and tear and fluid damage thus keeping the mattress sanitized, stain-free and odor-free.

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Wool and feather pad – Wool, feather and down pads are quite effective in cold weathers and can make a cold bed warm and fuzzy for you to sleep comfortably. These can also be quite productive in treating back pain, shoulder pain etc. amongst other problems.

Pre-warming pad – Works pretty much like a regular heating pad or a blanket except these pre-warming pads are crafted as mattress toppers. Needless to say, these pads are exceptionally beneficial in winters or for people living in cold regions.

Pre-warming pads help you to keep your feet and body warm when you sleep even during extreme weather conditions. Some people prefer to pre-heat before sleeping and some prefer to keep it on top of their mattress permanently.

Alternate pressure pad – Alternating pressure pads are used on top of the mattress for a number of health benefits primarily and to provide comfort to people who are bed-ridden.

There are void tube-like structures which are filled with air or water via a pump and these contours on the pad surface inflate and deflate at regular intervals thus creating multiple pressure points.


As opposed to the general concept of mattress pads being just a protective layer for the mattress to prevent wear and tear, these covers have multi-faceted uses and advantages.

Hygiene – It is very important to maintain proper hygiene in your bed and mattress. These pads not only protect the mattress from drools, hair fall etc. but also maintains impeccable hygiene as it can be washed in washing machines.

Anti-allergen – Cotton, one of the main components in mattress pads, is widely known as an anti-allergen. These mattress pads protect the mattress from dust, dandruff, hair etc. while also helping users to combat allergy.

Support and pain – Mattress pads are highly accredited for their health benefits and are essentially effective in fighting back pain, body aches, and knee and joint pains while also providing full back support to strengthen the spine and maintain body posture.

Mattress pads might seem like a luxury item and some of these toppers can be expensive, but cheaper alternates are also readily available and extremely beneficial in numerous ways. Luxuries, health, comfort or otherwise – mattress pads are essential for good sleeping habits if not mandatory.

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