Platform Bed vs Box Spring – What Do You Pick?

If you’re looking for a new mattress, you might also be looking for a new bed frame. Many people are used to having a bed frame with a box spring, but the look of Platform bed frames are very appealing.

If you’re not sure which one is the best for you or you just want to know the difference between a platform bed vs. a Box Spring, then this guide will help you.

We even give helpful tips that you might find interesting when buying either one.

What’s The Difference?

This might surprise you, but with modern day platform bed frames and box springs, there is an ever-shrinking difference between them. Besides the fact that a box spring is meant to be placed on a bed frame with a mattress on top of it and a platform bed is meant to have the mattress placed on the platform with no box spring between them. 

Way back in the day box springs were needed for innerspring mattresses because most were double sided so a box spring was needed.

Today’s mattresses are made entirely different, and you can put them on most flat surfaces, and that be okay. The old box springs used to have a spring in them (where the name came from), but most you see these days don’t. Most of the box springs you’ll see for sale will just be metal frames that support modern-day mattresses.

The older style box springs had really strong and sturdy springs that help prolong the life of the mattress which was needed for these double sided mattresses. Since many mattresses are one-sided like memory foam or latex, they only need a flat surface under them. Even if you have a double sided mattress you can use a “box spring replacement” platform bed frame that will work just as good as having a box spring.

If anything today’s box springs are mostly for looks or if you want to make the mattress taller.

Why Get A Box Spring?

If you have an old bed frame but want to keep it but also got a new mattress then you’ll need a box spring to help support the new mattress.

Or if you want to make your mattress taller you can get a bed frame or even bed risers to raise it up.

There is even a box spring that has legs if you want the best of both worlds!

Can I Reuse My Old Box Spring?


You should replace your box spring when you replace the mattress, especially the really old ones. The old-style box springs are not rigid enough for a modern-day mattress and can make your new mattress feel horrible.

I’ve noticed over the years that when people complain about their new mattress not being comfortable it was always because they put it on an old box spring or old bed frame. When I recommend they get a platform bed frame all of the sudden there new mattress starts to feel good. Don’t use old box springs for new mattresses.

So Go With Platform Beds?

Well, yes.

Generally, I tell people to get a platform bed when they’re looking to get a new bed frame. The fact that many box springs are really just metal or wooden platforms you might as well go with a full-on platform bed frame.

What makes most platform beds different is that they will look nicer with an all metal construction or even leather or some type upholstery to it. While a box spring will have white fabric around a metal frame or wooden frame. If you ask me, platform beds look a lot better.

A common misconception with platform beds is that many people think they’re short or low to the ground. This is not true. You can get low profile platform bed frames like this one here if you wanted to, but you can still get normal height ones too.

I’m 6 foot tall with a 10-inch mattress, and I can sit no problems and get up with no problems. Here is the platform bed (Amazon Link Ad) I have to give you an idea.

What Type Of Platform Bed?

What kind of platform bed frame you should get depends on what you like.

If you need something simple and easy then maybe consider Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation (Amazon Link Ad).

In the end, it depends on what you like or what will work for your bedroom.

Other Platform Bed Myths

Besides the myth that platform beds are low to the ground (which they’re not), I have some more myths many people think of when they hear platform bed frames.

Myth #2 You can only use expensive mattresses on them – This is a big lie, and I don’t know why it was started. Many of the modern day mattresses will work great on platform beds, actually many manufacturers recommend them.

Myth #3 It’s hard to transport them when you move – This is a crazy lie because many of them are super easy. You even have some platform bed frames that fold away very easily for moving or if you need a bed frame for when a guest comes over. The bed frame I use can be dissembled and all parts placed in the head of it for super easy transport. I’ve found old box springs to be hard to move because you can’t disassemble them, and they’re big and awkward to move around too.

Myth #4 You can’t use a Spring Mattress on a Platform Bed – This is not true, many spring mattresses can be placed on a platform bed frame. When it comes to Memory Foam or Latex mattresses I like to stick to using only platform bed frames but you can use some box springs if you wanted to.