Review of Englander Finale 10-Inch Innerspring Mattress

I like how Englander design the spring layout to have different coil gauge to support your body better. I think people who need a mattress that works well on their back, and even their hips would really like this mattress.

Of course, another killer feature of this mattress is how affordable and easy it is. This would make a perfect first time “big kid” bed. Or if you need something to tie you over until you move or just need a temporary bed for a few months or years. This bed is an incredible value for what you get.

Since there is not much info on the Englander Finale 10-Inch Innerspring Mattress, we wanted to do a review on it. What we do is the answer some of the more common questions we have or others have on a new mattress like this one.

Box Spring

You don’t need a box spring with this mattress if you use the correct platform. I find it best to use Platform bed frames with many of the mattresses you get.

If you do have a box spring, then it will work just fine on that. Just don’t use it on a worn out and old box spring as it could hinder overall comfort. The number one thing I see people do is complain that their new mattress is not comfortable but what it really is there worn out box spring. If you can avoid using an old and worn out box spring.

Sleeping Cool

This mattress does sleep cool compared to many other mattresses out there. This is the nature of spring mattresses over Fully Memory Foam Mattresses.

Bed Sheets

Any standard bed sheets will fit fine on this mattress. There is nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to bed sheets.


This mattress will come compressed and rolled up for shipping purposes. You will need to allow the mattress to expand before using it but doesn’t take long with coil style mattresses. I would give it a couple of hours to inflate before sleeping on it.

The manufacturer does recommend letting it inflate for 48 hours before sleeping on it.


No noticeable smell from this mattress but I would allow it time to expand and air out before sleeping on it. It has made a long journey and it needs time to relax.


I would say this mattress is more on the firm side. If you have back issues and need something that is just firm enough for the back pain suffers then this would be a good mattress to have.

With the 3-zone support system, many of the people with hip pains might find comfort in this mattress too.

Good for the Kids

If you have kids and need a simple and affordable mattress, then this would be great. I would still recommend getting a Mattress Encasement if you do plan to use it with children. Accidents can happen and keeping the mattress from spills will help it last a little longer.

Mattress Protector

It’s smart to have a Mattress Protector on any mattress. You sweat, and your body releases oils that can destroy a mattress over time. A Mattress Protector helps to save your mattress and also contributes to keeping the warranty intact for most warranties that require it.

Adjustable Bed Frame

I would avoid using this on an Adjustable Bed Frame. You will want to stick with a fully memory foam mattress if you plan on using an Adjustable Bed Frame.

Box Storage

Some people often ask how long they can leave it in the box. I would recommend getting the mattress out of the shipping box as soon as possible.


This mattress does not need to be flipped. You should rotate it every 3 to 4 months.


Yes, this mattress is CertiPUR-US certified. So this mattress does not have any harmful chemicals or heavy metals in it.

Made in The USA

This mattress is made in the USA, and I often find a mattress made in the US are less smelly than other ones. It could because of the more strict guidelines they have to follow.

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