Review: Red Nomad Memory Foam Mattress Pad

I’m not going to lie, I’m a fan of Red Nomad. I did a review of their Memory Foam Mattress and really like what people had to say about it. Sorry if this little review may seem a little bias.

What I wanted to really do in this review is just answer some of the more common questions people might have about this Red Nomad 2-Inch Thick Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Pad. Don’t forget to also check out the customer reviews on it too!

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Red Nomad

Red Nomad is not new to the sleeping world. They make a lot of different sleeping materials, even mattresses that we have reviewed. We see them as a premium and detailed orientated company. We consider them to make one of the best mattress toppers around.


The 2 Inch Gel Infused Visco Elastic Queen Memory Foam Mattress Pad from Red Nomad feels excellent. It doesn’t feel like those cheap flimsy packing material pads that other companies try to pass off. This topper is something you want to sleep on.

A great thing about this topper is that it’s in accordance with CertiPUR-US program. Probably the best feature is that it is made in the USA. I find that toppers made in the USA have less chance of any nasty memory foam smells like the ones you get from elsewhere.

Sleeps Cool

A lot of toppers are going to a GEL style to keep you cool. You can’t blame them; regular memory foam does sleep hot. I’m for one that gets night sweats easily, but with this style topper from Red Nomad, you won’t have that much of an issue.

Pressure Release

2-inch topper works well with relieving pressure points of the body. If you wake up with back pains or even neck pains, then this topper can help you.

I’ve seen back, side, and even stomach sleepers love this topper. Usually, the side sleepers are the ones that are hardest to please! If you’re a back sleeper a 2-inch topper is perfect for you. Side Sleepers like the 2 to 3-inch toppers. The stomach sleepers like anything that is supportive like this topper from Red Nomad.


Here is the size of this topper…

Twin = 36 x 73 inches

Twin XL = 36 x 78 inches

Full = 52 x 73 inches

Queen = 58 x 78 inches

King = 74 x 78 inches

Cali King = 70 x 82 inches

Check out the reviews


This topper does not come with a cover. I recommend getting a mattress protector like this one* to keep spills away from your topper and mattress. No one is perfect, I’ve been known to spill soda while in bed. A mattress protector keeps the nasty stuff from sticking to your topper and mattress – worth every penny.

If you have allergies, I would recommend a mattress encasement like this one* to keep dust mites and allergies away. Also, the great thing about a mattress encasement is that it keeps the topper from moving around on you.

Can You Cut It?

Yes, you can cut it, but it could void the warranty. I know some RV’s and certain sofas have odd sizes so you may need to cut it, just keep in mind that you could lose the warranty.

Sleeper Sofa

Works well on a sleeper sofa or even a futon. It can make a sleeper sofa comfortable for guest that come over.


This topper is really amazing at making a worn out mattress or a new mattress that is not good comfortable again. Just give it a night or two to adjust, and you will love to sleep on this mattress topper.

It’s firm but not too firm, kind of in the middle. This topper gives a very solid feel, and you don’t feel like you’re sinking either. Very top quality pad.

I will say if you have a new mattress that is too hard, then get this topper. This topper can make a rock hard mattress comfortable.


Many people don’t report much odor at all. Toppers like this one made in the USA, I have seen to have fewer issues with the chemical smell that other memory foam toppers have. I still recommend letting it air out for a couple hours before placing it on your mattress so that it can expand and adjust.


This topper like many others will come compressed or rolled up. You will need to allow it to inflate and expand to its correct size before using it. Many people report it inflated instantly or within minutes. I still recommend letting it air out for most of the day just to let it settle.

I alway say its better to give up a few hours to get years of use out of it.


Works well for dorm beds. Most dorms are Twin XL mattresses so make sure you get the correct size.

Even works well for guest beds too.

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