Review: Sleep & Beyond Wool Mattress Topper

A wool topper is a fantastic material to sleep on. If you have ever woke up sweaty or needed something to make a mattress more comfortable than a wool topper like the Sleep & Beyond Organic Merino Wool Mattress Topper is the answer.

Wool works well to keep you cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cold. Plus having an organic topper like this topper means if you have a sensitivity to chemicals and odors you won’t have to worry. This mattress topper is one of the best you can get. If you want to learn more about wool toppers, then check out my post here.

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Does wool sleep hot?

You would think wool would sleep warm, but it doesn’t. Wool is excellent at regulating your body heat. Wool is great at keeping you cool when it’s hot and keeping you warm when it’s cold. Wool is really a miracle material.

If you wake up sweaty and need a way to stay cool but don’t want to buy a new mattress, then get this topper. This will give you the best cooling and help you sleep better because of how soft it feels.

Wool is ideal for anyone suffering from night sweats! If you wake up sweaty then look no further, the Sleep & Beyond Wool Topper is perfect for you.


It’s recommended that you get a washable cover for this topper. A good mattress protector like this one (Amazon Link Ad) will work just fine.

Bed wetting

This wool topper is not ideal for bedwetting. It’s best to get a mattress protector like this one (Amazon Link Ad) to help save this topper and the mattress from spills.


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Both the topper and the comforter are filled with certified organic materials. The cotton is even Undyed.

This topper has not been treated with toxic chemicals for fire retardant as wool is naturally flame retardant.

Wool is a fantastic material, just check out this video showing how a wool duvet reacts to fire.


The Sleep & Beyond Organic Merino Wool Mattress Topper is about 1.5 inches thick.


Sleep & Beyond do not partake in the Mulesing as there is no need to. The sheep that come from the Kyrgyz Republic don’t have this issue as much as other sheep since they go through 4 seasons. This is only a problem for dry climates like Australia where fly strikes are common. Fly strikes rarely happen when you have a full season of weather.


This cover does not bunch up or shift over time. The way the stitching is done and materials used keep it from bunching up.

Dry clean

I would not dry clean this topper.

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The Smell

This and many other wool toppers will lack the chemical or paint odor you would get from toppers like memory foam. This topper might have another smell, which is not too bad.

Wool has a natural wool smell to it, and this topper might smell like it. It is honestly not that bad and way better than the smell of memory foam topper that is for sure.

Many people say they stop noticing any smell after a few days. Quite a few even like the smell as it smells organic. The smell is not that bad, but if you have a very sensitive nose I have a guide here on how to air out a mattress topper.

Hip Pains

I’ve seen many people get this topper to help with their hip pains. The softness of this does help and works perfectly for side sleepers too.

Does it Move Around?

This wool topper has elastic straps at the corners to keep it from moving around on you.

Bed Sheets

You can use standard bed sheets if you want. I find it best to place this over the mattress, then place a mattress protector over that. Then I take my regular bed sheets and put it over the protector. I would recommend getting some wool bed sheets if you can as they help with cooling. If you sleep hot the less you have between you and the topper the better, but your run the risk of liquid damage more.

Wool Shedding

This topper does not shed any wool as it is encased in cotton.

Hard Mattress

If you have a hard mattress and want to make it softer, then this topper will work well for you. It is only 1.5 inches thick, but it will help a little. Plus this is the best option if you want to go organic.

If you need to go the extra mile to make a hard mattress soft again, then consider adding a Latex Topper below this topper for the ultimate in softness. You can find organic Latex toppers too, and they offer great comfort. But latex is not as good at regulating body heat as wool, this is why using both gives the best experience.


This topper works well on a Queen Mattress.

Machine Washable

This is not meant to be machine washable. You can spot clean if it gets dirty, but it’s best to hang it out in the sun every few weeks.

Mattress Replacement

This topper is not a mattress replacement, but some might find it comfortable. If you need a pad for sleepovers, then it would be okay. I would not make it my permanent mattress, though.

Can you use it as a comforter?

I would say it’s too heavy to be used as a comforter. This is made to be laid on and not to be slept under.

Memory Foam Mattress

If you have a memory foam mattress, then this topper will be amazing to you. It can make your hot squishy bed into something that feels amazing and sleeps cooler.

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