Review: Zinus 14 Inch MyEuro SmartBase

It’s simple and looks good too! The Zinus 14 Inch MyEuro SmartBase Platform Bed Frame is a really nice bed frame that you don’t even need to use a box spring with.

The Zinus MyEuro is Super sturdy and makes no noise when you move around. You can’t go wrong with this bed frame especially if you just bought a new memory foam mattress.

I’ve noticed some common questions people have about this platform bed frame, and I want to answer some of them.

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This platform bed frame has about 12.5 inches of ground clearance under it. This is more than enough for storing all kind of items under it.

Super Easy To Assemble

The best thing about his bed frame is how easy it is to assemble. Good Job Zinus on making this bed frame so easy!

No one ever talks about this, but this bed frame would be super easy to disassemble for when you have to move. Doesn’t take up much space when fully dissembled which is really nice when you have the moving truck already filled to the brim.


These slats are 3 inches apart. The slats themselves are 2 inches. This is perfect for many memory foam and latex mattresses.

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Weight Capacity

It can hold quite a bit, even if you’re overweight it can hold you. I would say it can hold up to 1,200 pounds no problem.

Do not use this with a waterbed!


Nope, it sturdy and doesn’t make any noises. It’s ideal for adult activities or for kids that can’t sit still.

Real Materials

The slats are made of real wood, and the bed frame is a painted Steel.

Works Well With

The Zinus 14 Inch MyEuro SmartBase Platform Bed Frame does well with Air Beds, Memory Foam, Latex, and even Spring Mattress with pillow tops.

Always makes sure to read the requirements for your mattress before buying any platform bed frame as some have requirements for bed frames that help to keep your warranty intact.

Do not use this with a waterbed!

Center Legs

This bed frame on the Queen Size does have center legs for support. I know some mattress manufacturers require center leg support for warranty.


It’s best not to put casters on this bed frame. Putting casters on it could void the warranty as it’s not made to casters.

It’s best not to use bed risers with this bed frame too.

Box Spring

You can use a box spring with this bed frame, but you really don’t need one. The goal of a platform bed frame is so that you don’t need a box spring at all.

If you do use a box spring, it will make the bed super high and could be hard to get on.

I recommend you not use a box spring on this bed frame.

Headboard Footboard

You can not add a headboard or even a footboard to the MyEuro Smart Base Bed Frames.

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