Sleep Master Standing Smart Box Spring Review

Every bed needs something for it to rest on. Sometimes people go with a platform bed, sometimes they go with a box spring foundation.

What if you got both? Zinus figured it out.

Zinus has the Sleep Master Standing Smart Box Spring which gives you the box spring with a platform bed feel. It looks like any other box spring, but you have an option to get it with the legs which basically makes it into a platform bed.

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I’ve got to admit its quite a good idea for them to find the perfect balance between platform bed frame and box spring bed frame.

In this review, I want to cover some common questions I’ve seen people ask about this product and others like it.

Weight Limit?

The weight limit is about 1200 pounds, that’s quite a bit. This also accounts for the mattress weight, fabrics, and the people who lay on it. The average person will more than likely never get close to this number.

Can you attach a headboard?

You can attach a headboard to this foundation only if you get the standing box spring. If you opt for the cheaper box spring version and not the standing one you will not be able to attach the headboard.

Slats Length

The slats are about 5 inches apart. Some mattress like foam ones requires a certain slat apart length. If the slats are too far apart you can get a plywood board to lay across it which will fix all the issue.

Most Lowes or hardware stores will actually cut the board for you there and all you got to do is carry it home.

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Can you use this with a Foam or Latex Mattress?

You can use this frame with an innerspring, foam, or even a latex mattress if you wanted to. This foundation works great for any mattress you have, just make sure your mattress specs allow for use of this bed frame.

It’s usually the slat question above that mattress makers concern over, but like I said above you can use plywood and have no issues.

How tall are the legs?

The legs are about 5 inches tall. Not much stuff you can store under it. Maybe a shoebox or two will slide under it.

White Cloth Cover

It does come with the white cloth cover which makes it look like any other box spring on the market. You don’t have to put it on but it would look weird if you don’t, kind of like a bed of the future with all the metal.

One thing I like about this cover is that it zips from the bottom which means I can make it into a hidden storage compartment if I wanted to. Just an idea.

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