Smart Home Bedding Super Plush Pillow Review

Finding a good pillow can be tricky.

If you ever been the type of person to fold a pillow to get the right height or a side sleeper looking for the perfect plush, then the Smart Home Bedding Pillow will work well for you.

We have created a review and noticed that some people have some common questions about this pillow. So we wanted to answer some of these common questions that people might have before buying this pillow.

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Machine Washable

You can machine wash these pillows. It is best to use the gentle cycle and also cold water. For drying, I find it best to let them dry in the sun or if you have to tumble dry on low heat.

One great thing about these pillows is that they can keep their fluffiness after washing them.


These pillows from SmartHome Bedding are your average standard queen size. They measure 20” x 26” and also 700 GM Filling.

These pillows will work for just about any size mattress you have. Even if you get a Full or a Twin, these are not too big. Even a King size bed will be fine unless you like those huge king size pillows.

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The thread count on the cover is about 240 on the shell.

Where are they made

These pillows are made in the USA.

Side Sleepers

Many side sleepers reported that they work well for them. These will be better pillows than the cheap ones you get at the department stores.

Pillow Protector

It’s always a good idea to have a Pillow Protector like this one. Your face produces the most oils and dander than anything else, so your pillow gets nasty real quick. A Pillow Protector or Encasement will save the pillow from nasty stuff and helps prolong the life of the pillow.

If all your pillows start to get flat and hard over time it could be that you’re not using a protector to keep oils and body fluids away from destroying your pillow.


These pillows do not sink down, so no worries stomach and back sleepers. These pillows also do not go flat; they stay very supportive through the night.

Firm or Soft?

Many people think they need a super soft cloud-like pillow. Softness can be your worst friend when it comes to pillows. You need a pillow that is supportive, not soft. A cover can be soft and this cover is soft, but the pillow needs to be supportive.

This pillow will maintain its shape even after sleeping on it; this is important as this helps to give you a better nights sleep.

These pillows are plush, which means good support but yet gives the feeling of softness if that make sense.


The pillows will come compressed in a box. It’s best to let them air out for 24 hours before using, so they can fully inflate. Some people reported that there’s inflated much faster then that, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Folding Pillows

If you’re a type of person who likes to fold their pillows to get the right height, then you will find that with this pillow you won’t have to do that. This pillow gives the “just right” height for most people.


If you have dust mite allergies, then these pillows will help out. The SmartHome Bedding Super Plush Pillow is dust mite resistant.

If you do have allergies I still recommend a Pillow Protector like we talked about above. A full encasement of the pillow will help a lot if you suffer from dust mites.

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