The Best Pillows to Help Stop Migraines and Headaches

The quest to find the best pillows to help people suffering from constant migraines and headaches is a very personal one of mine. I have lost some friends because they could not take the pain anymore.

Though I know I can’t stop the pain for most, I want to at least try to help as much as I can. Some migraine suffers don’t suffer as bad as my friend did, but still, seek pain relief when it comes to sleeping at night.

Finding the correct pillow can make a world of difference for most who suffer from constant headaches. I’ve gathered a small list of the pillows that I seem to think to work the best to help with the migraines.

Bamboo Pillow

Bamboo Pillow is not your normal foam pillow. Other foam pillows are just solid one piece. The Bamboo is actually has shredded foam inside of it.

This gives you the best of the foam pillow but with some extras, you don’t naturally get with solid foam. The shredded foam gives you better cooling since it has air pockets to allow the heat to transfer quicker.

The shredded material works great to mold to the neck and heads better than other foams. This is because of the multiple points of the shredded foam, its like have a lot of tiny little hands cradle your head instead of a slab of a block.

The pillow does come rolled up for shipping. They give very detailed instructions on how to get the bamboo pillow up and running. All you do is unroll it and allow it to take shape. After a couple of hours mixed up the foam pieces with your hands to give it some more life. If the pillow is still flat just throw it in the dryer for 15 minutes.

The great thing about the Bamboo Pillow is that since it has foam chunks inside this allows you literally shape the pillow to however you like it. Plus it gives you lift and support without being hard.


  • Keeps Cool
  • Shapes to the head and neck to give the most comfort to a migraine suffers.
  • They claim it’s the best fit for anyone suffering from snoring, migraines, neck and back pains.
  • Can be shaped
  • Gives support but is not too hard or too firm
  • The cover is made of bamboo fibers and polyester, this makes the cover super soft.


  • Does have a smell at first to it. Does go away after some time. The smell can give you a headache, a solution is to spray it with some Febreze.
  • If the zipper breaks you can have chunks of foam falling out. The zipper is strong though.
  • Feels firm and heavy. This is just the nature of a shredded foam pillow, this is why you can shape it.
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Arc4life Pillow

The Arc4life pillow is probably one of a unique pillows on the market.

This pillow allows your spine to align up in its natural way. That is because of the “V” shape at the bottom of the pillow. This shape still allows side sleepers still get the support they need too.

The V shape also helps to send pain away from the shoulders too.

The Arc4life also comes with these side wings for the side sleepers. This gets the head up higher and in a more comfortable position. I’m a side sleeper myself and have used this pillow for only side sleeping. The “V” Shape at the bottom is cool and all but what it does for me sleeping on my side is well worth it.

If I have a headache during the day and I don’t want to take any pills, I pull out this pillow for a quick nap. Yea, it’s not my going to sleep at night pillow. I prefer this pillow for naps where I’m trying to get rid of headaches. I find this pillow too small for my liking. That is done on purpose. If the pillow is too big then you can’t have the central focal point to hold your head in the correct spot.

The Arc4life is the go to pillow for anyone of my friends who suffer from constant headaches or migraines. I consider it more of a tool than a pillow, but that’s just me. I would rather use my Bamboo Pillow instead due to my situation, but often switch to my Arc4life for any headaches I get that I need to sleep off.

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