Tuft & Needle Mattress Review: Deep Dive

I’ve seen people spend weeks, even months searching for the best mattress for them. It can be hard to find a bed that works for you especially if the mattress is online.

There is so much information out there on mattresses these days. It would be great if someone would go through all reviews on one mattress and just “sum it up” for us.

This is exactly what I did with the Tuft & Needle. I searched for all the reviews I could find on this mattress, so you don’t have to. I broke it down into sections to help you better understand what others are saying. I talk about common problems people had and also what they liked about it.

We did not receive a free mattress from Tuft & Needle. Our review is a “bird’s eye view” of other reviews written about this mattress, and we try to sum it up.

Weight & Height

When buying a mattress online it can be hard because you don’t see the mattress in person. You don’t know how it will feel on your body. The closest you can get is from reviews where people tell us their height and weight. I’ve compiled a list of people’s weight and also their height to show you how they liked the Tuft and Needle.

303lbs – Says he likes the mattress. Also, says it does not sink too much or form pits so far for him.

192lbs 6’4” (Husband) 115lbs 5’8” (Wife) – Both like the mattress and says it does help with his wife’s hip and back pain.

181lbs – Says the bed is too soft and not for them.

134lbs – Says the edges are too soft. They’re a side sleeper and had to change to sleeping on their back to get comfortable.

113lbs – Says there is no edge support. (the topic of edge support comes from a misunderstanding of memory foam mattresses)

302lbs 6’1” – They sleep like a baby.

164lbs – Sleeps cool to them and would give it a firmness level of 7.

107lbs – Sleeps cool and very pleased with it.

299lbs (Wife) 344lbs (husband) – Says the price is incredible! After 6 weeks they say it does not sink into them and it’s not hot at all.

284lbs 6’2” – They waited a month before reviewing. They ordered this mattress with a platform bed frame (I recommend you get a platform bed frame with any style of memory foam mattress). They put it on their box spring because the platform bed frame had not come in yet. When it was on the box spring they reported that it was uncomfortable. Then the platform bed frame came in, and they put the mattress on that, and now they love it. It must have been a combination of the mattress breaking in and the new platform bed frame.

202lbs 6’3” – She loves it. She was worried about buying a mattress online but was happy with the whole process.

122lbs – Says its comfortable and has a quality feel.

226lbs 6’1′‘ – On a scale of 1 to 10, he gives it a 7.

166lbs 5’11” – Price was a factor when looking for a new mattress. They found the Tuft & Needle to be a great buy and loves the good reports people were giving about their customer service. Finds the firmness to be not too firm and not too soft – right down the middle. Says he’s a back sleeper and he enjoys it. Says for the price it’s a great mattress.

142lbs 5’9” – The mattress is very comfortable, but they prefer a mattress that is a little bit firmer. (A firm mattress topper can fix this)

224lbs 6′ – They don’t sink and it feels great on there back. They are a side sleeper too. They were going to buy a mattress from a department store, but they wanted way too much for it. After doing research, they found the Tuft & Needle and ordered it. Says it’s the right amount of softness with the correct amount of support. Overall they’re happy and say it does not sleep hot.

116lbs 5’2” – Likes it and says it’s not too firm for her.

121lbs 5’2” – Says it’s too firm and she is a side sleeper. Says her husband sleeps fine on it.

As you can see, comfort and firmness are very subjective. But this does help give you a better idea of what people are saying about this mattress.

What I find interesting is the last two people are the same height but only 5 pounds difference. One likes it, and the other says its too firm. I have a theory that I’ll go into more details in the comfort section as to why this happens.

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Before I go into too much detail about the support, I do want to point out that Tuft & Needle did change the comfort of their mattress. They’ve listened to past customer complaints and now have a little softer mattress that works ideally for side sleepers as well as back and stomach sleepers. In doing this, they now have a two-layer system instead of the 3 layers of foam like the older models had.

This new mattress is far better than the old style when looking at what people say now compared to before. This goes to show you that T&N care about their customers and are willing to make changes to better suit everyone.

Overall Comfort

The overall comfort that most people are saying is that the T&N is not too firm and not too soft. It is in the middle of the road. This makes a mattress that is great for most people looking to buy a bed.

I’ve had several individuals who report after 1 year that it’s the best mattress they have ever owned.

Then you get a few people who after 1 night say it’s a horrible mattress, but then after a couple more days say it’s comfortable.

Just like shoes you need to break in your mattress, especially if it comes compressed and delivered to your doorstep. Just sleeping on your new mattress will break it in and most people report after a week of getting used to the mattress and it breaking in has made it the best mattress they have ever owned.

If you want to break the mattress in even more, carefully walk barefooted on the mattress in circles every night before you go to sleep. The bed has been in a box for a few days, and it needs to stretch out a bit. Many people forget that they need to break in a mattress or get used to it because they spent several years on their old mattress.

Pillowtop and Spring Mattresses

The people who came from a pillowtop or spring mattress love the Tuft and Needle. Many report that it does still have some bounce to it which helps in “adult” activities.

Many are very surprised by how soft but yet supportive it can be. They also love how quickly it bounces back to its correct form.

Overall they don’t miss there innerspring or Pillowtop mattresses and LOVE their T&N!

Hip Pain

You know how I mention at the bottom of the height and weight section that I have a theory? The only thing I can think of is that the people who say they have hip pain when sleeping on this mattress were smaller stature. Many of them saw relief when they got a GEL Memory Foam Topper.

Some reported that their partner in bed did not have any problems, but was usually bigger than they were. So they got a topper for their side of the bed and now love the mattress.

This could be old reviews I was reading and could be a non-existing problem since T&N changed their mattress to be softer which will fix the issue.

Also if you have had hip pains in the past make sure to talk to your doctor as it might not have anything to do with your mattress and could be something else.


Most people report that this mattress does not sink or make it feel like you’re sleeping in a ditch. I’ve read many people say their old memory foam bed made it feel like the whole mattress just sucked you in, but there new Tuft & Needle feels like you’re sleeping on top of it.

Side, Back, and Stomach Sleepers

Tuft & Needle’s goal was to make a mattress that will fit most anyone’s needs. I feel that they have achieved this.

The people who loved this bed the most was the side and back sleepers. I feel the back sleepers like it the most out of the two. Oddly enough the stomach sleepers never said they didn’t like the mattress; it was just that not a lot of them spoke up that they were stomach sleepers. The few that say they are stomach sleepers did like the mattress.

Everyone is usually not just one sleep position and I feel this bed is suitable for most every sleep style that people might have.

Edge Support

Just like many foam style mattresses, if you sit your butt on the very edge of the mattress it will compress. I don’t know why this is such a problem for some people. If you focus all your weight at one small point many things will compress.

Some did complain that the edges are soft when they sleep on the edge. Many reported fixing this issue by moving a little away from the edge.

Does it Sleep Hot?

The common theme with the T&N was that everyone seemed to say that it does NOT sleep hot. Most say that they don’t sweat or feel warm when sleeping on this mattress.

This is quite the accomplishment there Tuft & Needle! I usually see something like 20% to 50% of people saying a memory foam mattress sleeps hot. In my research, I could only find one or two people saying it sleeps warm for them out of the hundreds of reviews.

I usually recommend getting a cooling mattress protector to people in my reviews, but it doesn’t seem necessary to suggest a cooling one for the Tuft and Needle Mattress. I will still recommend getting a mattress protector anyways just in case you do spill something in bed. And no, the modern-day mattress protector doesn’t make that plastic sound or sleep warm. It’s a good idea because mistakes do happen, and the protector helps to keep stains that can make your mattress smell funny over time.

Does it Smell?

A common complaint with many memory foam beds is that they can smell when you get them out of the bag. While there were a few people complaining about the odor, many did not notice a smell.

The people who complain about the smell said it went away after a few days.

The T&N will come compressed and wrapped up in a plastic seal. It will need a couple of days to inflate and also to air out. While many people said there was no smell or the smell did not last long it’s still best to let the mattress air out.

Of all the mattress reviews I read, the T&N is one of the few mattresses where I see very few people complain about the smell.


You can see the enjoyment in people’s words when they first get the box and watch it inflate. It’s almost magical to them, and many make it into a family event.

I always recommend letting a mattress inflate for 48 hours, I even have a post that talks about it here, but there were a lot of people saying the T&N inflated quickly.

Some reported the mattress expanded in a few hours; others even reported 15 to 30 minutes.

Looking at the reviews, it seems that a lot of people say this mattress grows quickly for them and some people are sleeping on it that night. I still recommend letting it expand and air out for the proper amount of time, but it’s your mattress, and if you think its ready to go for you then it’s up to you.

The box is heavy so make sure you have someone to help you move the mattress around. It’s best to move the mattress in the room where you want to use it and unwrap it on your bed frame. Some people did complain that there are no handholds on this mattress which makes it harder for moving it.


I did see many couples finding middle ground on this mattress. It can be hard for couples to find the best mattress for them, I even wrote about it here.

To find a mattress that both partners like is always a big win and many have found that with the Tuft & Needle.


There is something great about not having to go to a mattress store and deal with salespeople. You lay on many different mattresses to find that they all soon start to feel the same and the salesperson keeps pushing the mattress of the month.

You then get taken back by the cost of the mattress you like but don’t want to overpay for it.

You end up getting the expensive mattress at the retail store only because you’re tired of the whole ordeal and just want to be done. Then you got to wait for the mattress store you bought it from to get it shipped in because they just so don’t have that one in stock. Let’s not forget that you also have to set up and waste more of your time on getting it delivered. What a mess!

You don’t deal with any of that mess when it comes to the Tuft & Needle mattress. The whole process is painless and easy. Their customer support is incredible and easy to deal with even if you don’t like the mattress.

The mattress gets shipped to your home, no need to set up an appointment. There’s no pushy salespeople and no need even to leave your home. Tuft and Needle have it figured out; a middle-range feel mattress that fits most people’s needs, a great price, no pushy salespeople, and excellent customer support. Who could ask for anything better?


I find it best to place a memory foam mattress on a Platform Bed Frame. Some of the problems I saw from people in reviews were from the fact they used an old box spring. Don’t use a box spring with this style mattress.

What platform bed frame you should buy is really up to you and your style. I’m a fan of the Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed with Wooden Slats.

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