Why Do Air Mattresses Deflate Overnight?

Why can put a man on the moon, but we can’t keep an air mattress inflated?

What’s up with that?

Is it a scam that air bed companies are running to keep us buying more beds and patch kits? My tires on my car don’t deflate that quick, but yet an air mattress does.

The Biggest Reason

The biggest reason why an air mattress deflates is that it’s not perfect. And that is by design. If the air mattress were perfect at holding air, it would pop as soon as you lay on it because it wouldn’t be able to move. The things that are better at holding air are solid objects like metal tanks or even solid rubber tires.

So the problem is that air mattress companies need to make something that is soft but yet able to hold air. This is a massive problem to solve. Because the things that keep the air the best are the hardest materials which don’t work well for beds. The softer material that beds need to be made of doesn’t work well to hold air.

So they split it down the middle.

Air mattresses are design to loose air, but very slowly. This helps to keep the mattress for longer and to keep it from bursting at the seems. 

Temperature Plays A Role

Temperature also plays a role in how well the mattress can hold air. Ever gone out to your car on a cold morning and notice the tires have gotten low? Kind of the same idea with air mattresses. The bed gets cold, even if the room is warm.

Also, it gets colder at night than during the day, and that sack of air affects a lot more during the cold nights. Hot air expands and cold air condenses, thus the shrinking of the mattress. So the mattress might not have lost much air but since it got colder the air inside condense making it look like it lost air.

There Is A Solution

There just so happens to be a solution to a leaking air mattress. The only real solution to keep your air mattress from deflating overnight is to buy one with an automatic pump.

Here is an air mattress with an automatic pump on it. 

They make air beds that had stands, air mattress, and auto pump. The auto pump will come on when it gets low on air and fill it back up. Most models even have the option to adjust the bed for different firmness.

Having the automatic pump is about the only solution I’ve found to keep the air bed from deflating when using it. Not the best option for camping but for when the guest comes over its a nice option.

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