8’s Zinus Modern Studio Platform 1500H Bed Frame

I’ve got to give credit to Zinus, they make some of the best looking bed frames I have ever seen. The great thing about them is that all of the ones they make look good and modern. The Studio Platform 1500H is one of those foundations look modern and good too.

The thing that makes this platform bed so nice is how it makes the mattress look higher of the ground. That’s because it is much higher off the ground due to the long legs but short platform design. What this does allows you store objects under the mattress or leave it open to give your bedroom a nice clean look.

Probably the best feature of this bed frame is how easy it is to assemble. I’ve been through many bed frames that make feel dumb by how many steps they require to assemble. Plus this is the bed frame you want if you live in an apartment and need to move often – its simple to take down and setup.

This is a little review on the Zinus Modern Studio Platform 1500H bed frame where I answer some of the common questions I get about this bed frame and others like it.

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Is the headboard connected to the frame

Yes, the headboard is apart of the whole frame and can not be separated.

Does a mattress slide on it?

Not really. There is a little lip around the outer sides to keep the mattress from sliding around. I have not seen any issue when it comes to sliding.


I have yet to come across any squeaking with this frame. I know some metal bed frames will squeak but the way Zinus has made this frame it does not squeak.

How sturdy is it?

Its a very solidly built metal bed frame, a lot stronger than many of the pricier bed frames we have tested. I have no issue jumping around on it and I’m a big 240-pound guy. I wouldn’t jump from a high distance on it, but who would try to prove how sturdy it is?

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Foam/latex mattress

You can use a foam or a latex mattress with this frame. In-fact I highly recommend you use foam or latex with this bed frame. It has slats that support a foam mattress or latex mattress just fine. Some people do put a plywood board under there foam mattress because they worry the slats will not work. The slats work fine and plywood would be overkill.


We measured about 12 inches of ground clearance for placing objects under the bed. You can place boxes or whatever you want under it for storage. I’m not a fan of it and like the open look of it. Plus I like when my robot vacuum goes under it to clean, just makes the house feel cleaner when you can easily clean under your bed frame.

Bed Risers

This was interesting, Zinus does not recommend you use bed risers with there frames. It would void the warranty. I guess this is because they don’t engineer the frames to interact with risers. So I would avoid bed risers to play it safe.

To be honest, you won’t need risers for this frame, to begin with, it’s got some good height to it.

Box Spring

Don’t use a box spring with the Modern Studio Platform 1500H. The Slats and box springs don’t work well together. These types of frame are made for mattresses to rest on them and not box springs.

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