The Bed Frame is just as Important as a Mattress

I’m blown away by people saying that it’s not important to have a good bed frame for your mattress. That is like saying it’s not important to have a good foundation to your home.

Just insane.

Having a good foundation or as some call it a good bed frame is very crucial to the comfort of your mattress. I’ve had people complain that their new mattress is so uncomfortable and it always boiled down to them still using their old bed frame. You can’t place a new home on a worn out foundation so why would you do the same for a new mattress?

Your Mattress & Bed Frame Take Abuse

Over the years your mattress and bed frame take a lot of abuse. Sleeping on them for 8 hours a day is a lot of abuse especially when your moving around or have “adult time” on them.

Even if you weigh only 100 pounds the constant pressure of your sleeping transfers to the mattress and the mattress transfers the pressure to the bed frame. A weak or worn out bed frame will make sleeping harder as it’s not correctly supporting the mattress. If the bed frame is not supporting the mattress the best way possible then how could the mattress support you?

New Bed Frame With New Mattress?

Sometimes people will question getting a new bed frame when they get a new mattress.

I will always recommend getting a new bed frame when you get a new mattress. Your old bedframe has worn into your old mattress, and just like shoes, your mattress and bed frame wear into each other.

Having a new mattress and an old bed frame is like buying one new shoe and keeping the old one to wear on the other foot – walking will be hard – thus sleeping would be hard.

Bed Frames Are Expensive????

When I say get a new bed frame with your new mattress, I’m not saying to go out and buy the most expensive bed frame on the market. Far from it. Even the affordable bed frames are worth it, and there are some good ones at good prices like the Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation here (Amazon Link Ad).

I’m more of a fan of the Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed (Amazon Link Ad) because it looks amazing and is at a great price.

I like to recommend platform bed frames as they don’t require box springs. Crazy enough, box springs and platform bed frames are slowing becoming one here lately. This is a good thing if you ask me as box springs are hard to get up stairs and super cumbersome. The modern day hybrid box spring are easy to assemble and setup. I go into more details about box springs and how they compare to platform beds here.

What About Back Pain?

If you have back pain from sleeping then I would highly suggest looking at getting a new bed frame when you get a new mattress. A good bed frame can help out with back pain.

Just think about it, if the thing that supports the mattress is worn out and making the mattress sag then getting a new mattress will not fix that issue. Just like how the floor of your home is sagging, getting a new floor won’t do much good if you don’t fix the issue of what’s supporting the floor.

Do You Need A Bed Frame? Why Not The Floor?

Yes, you need to have a bed frame.

The biggest thing is to support the mattress better and to help extend its life. Also, to avoid bugs and makes it easier to get out of bed.

Some mattress manufacturers actually make you get a bed frame that has certain requirements if you want to keep the warranty intact.

If your mattress is sagging and buying a new mattress and a new bed frame is a little too much for right now then I do have a guide on how to fix a sagging mattress here.