Do Alarm Clocks Eventually Turn Off?

There has been this question that has been bugging me for years – do alarm clocks eventually turn off?  I know to some this is crazy talk, but I’m sure many of you are thinking the same thing. Will my alarm clock go on forever if someone doesn’t turn it off? What if I’m away … Read More

9 Ways to Wake up When Your Alarm Fails You

“Day after day you’re always late, why can’t you get here on time? It doesn’t matter; we’re going to have to let you go.” Yes, I got fired because my alarm clock doesn’t wake me up. There is nothing more embarrassing than getting fired for something so simple but yet something I have a hard time … Read More

The Best Alarm Clock For Narcoleptics

Waking up if you have narcolepsy is such a hard task to do. Most people don’t understand or get why you can’t wake up. It can make you feel horrible because it seems no one understands. You may have found yourself setting 3 or even 6 alarm clocks in the past to get yourself up. But … Read More