Can You Return a Mattress in a Box if You Don’t Like It?

Memory foam mattresses are cool when they come compressed in a box delivered to your doorstep. What is not so cool is if you have to return one as it feels almost impossible to compress it back up. There are a few things to consider if you find yourself wanting to return a memory foam … Read More

Can You Remove The Pillow Top From A Mattress?

If your pillow top mattress is starting to sag, like it’s hurting your back, hips, or neck, then it’s time for a change. You look at it and think you can remove the pillow top layer. While this is true, there are much better ways to go about this that I want to talk about. … Read More

How to Clean Sweat Stains from a Pillow Top Mattress

Nothing nastier than a sweat-stained pillow top mattress. It’s so annoying to see the stain marks on the mattress when changing the sheets. It’s even more annoying to clean the sweat stain marks. I mean, who has the time? The good news is that I’ve gone through many sweaty nights and ruined many mattresses to … Read More

How To Cool Your Memory Foam Mattress (12 Ways)

The biggest complaint when it comes to memory foam mattresses is that they can sleep warm. While it’s true that memory foam mattresses sleep hotter then other mattresses it’s not always the mattresses fault. I personally sleep hot and have researched this topic quite deep and have come up with many things to try. I … Read More