Can Air Mattresses get Bed Bugs

Can an Air Mattress get bed bugs? No, not really. Bed bugs like to dig into fabrics of mattresses to hide and wait for you to come to sleep and an Air Mattress doesn’t have any material for them to dig into. This does not mean an Air Mattress stops bedbugs completely. The air mattress is … Read More

How to Clean Air Mattress

The great news is that cleaning an air mattress is very simple to do. To start cleaning your air mattress, you will need a few things that we list below. Water All Purpose Cleaner Scrub Brush Simple Green You may not need all of these supplies to clean an air mattress depending on how dirty … Read More

Can You Fill an Air Mattress with Water

I was sitting here looking at my air mattress and and a thought came through my head. Can you fill an air mattress with water? This could be a hugely beneficial thing when camping for water storage and having a “water bed” when sleeping. So I dug deep into this idea to see if you can … Read More