The Best Alarm Clock For Narcoleptics

Waking up if you have narcolepsy is such a hard task to do. Most people don’t understand or get why you can’t wake up. It can make you feel horrible because it seems no one understands.

You may have found yourself setting 3 or even 6 alarm clocks in the past to get yourself up. But it’s still a struggle. Or you make your spouse or roommates angry at you because your alarm is going at full volume and you don’t wake up.

So what do you do? I think I have a solution!

loud alarm clock for deaf and narcoleptics

What Is The Best Alarm?

The trick to getting up is having 2 alarm clocks. I know having many alarm clocks may not be new to you but having these 2 below will help greatly.

The first one will be the Sonic Alert Boom Alarm Clock that you can get on Amazon here*.

The second will be a Smart Wall Wifi Plug*.

The next question on your mind is why? Let’s talk about why this works.

Smart Wall Outlet

The reason why you need the smart wall outlet is that you can hook up a BRIGHT light that is connected to a lamp.

This lamp you want to place on your nightstand. If you can place another one on the other side of the bed.

The bulb you put in that lamp needs to be bright! You want 1,000 lumens or more! The brighter, the better.

You’ll download the app for the smart wifi plug so you can control it and set timers. What time you want to wake up is set by the app, so make sure to have it go off 30 minutes before you want to wake up.

This light will slowly annoy you awake, but it won’t fully wake you. But it does move you in the right direction and makes you think the sun is up.

Sonic Alert Boom Alarm Clock

The Sonic Alert Boom Alarm Clock is made for the deaf, but it works great if you have narcolepsy.

This alarm is loud, like really loud. Not only that but the shaker you place under the bed will shake you awake. Even works under thick mattresses too. Then you have the bright flashing lights built in.

Both these alarms should get you out of bed. In fact, you might be okay with the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock only. It’s scary loud.

The Bad News

Even though this combination of alarms is strong enough to wake most, it’s not the end all of the alarms.

You might find yourself still needing to set another alarm on your phone just to make sure you’re up.

It still won’t hurt to have your phone alarm across the room to get you up and out of bed.

What Doesn’t Work

Don’t waste your time on alarms that make you solve a puzzle or buzz around.

Those alarms just don’t work.

Many can solve those puzzles in there sleep, literally. And the buzzing flying things are gimmicks.

You need pure loudness, shaking, and bright lights to get you up.

Loudness could be a bad thing if you live in an apartment. If you live in an apartment and have narcolepsy, you might want to start with the super bright light idea first. The sonic boom alarm might be too loud for apartments. So stick with the shaking part and not the loudspeaker.

If All Else Fails

The backup plan still needs to be a family member or roommate. Of all people, they should understand your condition and that sometimes you’ll need help.

If you’re not up by a certain time, then they need to wake you. The alarms mentioned above will help you be more independent, but it’s not 100% foolproof.