How to Find the Best Latex Mattress Guide

Latex is a wonderful sleeping surface that offers many great benefits. Latex does wonders to your life and your sleeping habits and even does some other stuff toooooooooo_________hmm. You know I just can’t do it.

It’s the same stuff you already saw on another site about what they think is an amazing Latex Mattress. Is it just me or these reviews sites actually getting annoying and dulling us with useless words on the page? I mean who has the time even to read these many words with confusing jargon on them?

Let’s keep this simple.

You got two types of Latex Mattresses – Latex and Hybrid.

There are only 3 things you need to look at when buying one.

  • Comfort
  • Heat
  • Quality

Also, avoid retail stores as they have high markups. Buying online is better as the competition is stronger and drives prices down.

Best Hybrid Latex?

I’m not going to give a fancy table with a bunch of random mattresses and other facts that don’t help the buying process. I’m instead going to give you one mattress. Yes, just one.

This is madness!

No, it’s not. Why call this the “best” post if we never pick just one that is the best? Having multiple “best” mattresses is like giving the losing team a trophy for showing up.

Winner: Brooklyn Bedding Latex Mattress.

But why????

Customer Service – There customer service is fantastic and responsive. You can call them before buying to make sure this is the correct mattress for you.

Doesn’t Sleep Hot – I’m a big guy. I sweat a lot. A breathable mattress is a must. The Brooklyn Bedding Mattress does not sleep hot.

Side Sleeper – Works great for side sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers – You’ll love this mattress too. Even back sleepers will find love in this mattress.

Good Bounce – Coming from a spring mattress you get use to the bouncing when getting out of bed. This bed has the correct amount of springiness to it.

No weird odor – Why is that when you buy a mattress, it comes out of the box with a weird smell? Brooklyn Bedding does not smell.

Cheaper than full Latex – Having an entire latex mattress is amazing, and so is the price. This bed is priced right, who can ask for anything more?

No Sales People – My favorite feature was having no Salesperson pushing the mattress of the month to me. You can only get this bed online which is the only way I will buy a mattress from now on.

Fully Latex

What about a mattress that is fully and 100% Latex? Well, they’re out there, but much harder to find. The good news is that the ones you can get your hands on are quite good.

The Fully (and 100% natural) Latex mattress that has won my heart is made by “Sleep on Latex.” They call it the Pure Green Latex Mattress (Amazon Link Ad).

If you could see me now – I’m gushing how great this bed is!

You don’t understand… you just don’t. This mattress is fantastic to sleep on. An all Latex Mattress is going to be the best experience you can have for a mattress.

I think the craziest part is what they sell this mattress for. Just look at it here (Amazon Link Ad). I usually see mattresses like this easily go for double on the streets (retail stores).

100% Natural – So that means No Poly Foam, No Synthetic Latex Foam, and No Blended Latex Foam.

This also means no off-gassing since it has no poly foam. So no weird chemical smells.

This mattress is so green that it grows on trees. Well not really. But they do get the materials from a rubber tree.

Have you ever seen how they got latex from a rubber tree? Prepare to be amazed…

Common Questions

I want to answer some common questions you might have about Latex Mattresses.

Does it Smell: No. If it’s a fully latex mattress, there will be no chemical smell.

How is it shipped: To cut down on shipping cost they ship mattresses compressed and rolled up. The box it comes in will be smaller than the mattress. It’s pretty cool to cut the plastic wrapping open and watch it expand!

Do I need to cover the mattress: Yes, a good mattress protector (Amazon Link Ad) will help prolong the life and keep the mattress warranty in tack better than not having one. Plus you don’t want to spend years sleeping on the spot where you spilled your soda do-ya?

Is it heavy: Yes, latex is one of the most cumbersome and harder mattresses to move around. Make sure you have the mattress near or on the bed frame you want to put it on before releasing it out of the plastic wrap. Also, make sure you get someone to help you carry the mattress as its a two-person lift.

Does it need time to inflate: Yes, any mattress that comes compressed in a box will need a chance to expand to its correct size. The good news is that Purely Latex Mattresses will expand quicker than a comparable Memor Foam Mattress.

Who is a Latex Mattress made for: Latex is great for a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or anyone with hip or shoulder pains.

Does it sleep hot: Compared to memory foam, latex sleeps much cooler. I have found that some people get a mattress and still complain about it sleeping warm. What I find is that they’re using the wrong bed sheets or the wrong mattress protector. Pick up some cooling mattress protectors (Amazon Link Ad), and it will help.

Adult activities: Compared to memory foam a latex mattress is better for adult activities due to its springiness.

Let’s dig a little deeper

There are some terms and entirely new things to consider when looking at a Latex Mattress. So let’s go a bit deeper into understanding.

Dunlop vs. Talalay

You have 2 different feels when it comes to Latex. Dunlop is the firmer feeling rubber and Talalay is the softer feeling one.

The way you get two different versions is in the processing of the materials. You might have heard of Dunlop since that is the process they use to make tires for your car. The rubber that is made for making car tires is completely different then the rubber made for making beds.

Car tires are made from a synthetic material, which cuts down on manufacturing and makes the tires more widely available. Mattresses can be made from synthetic material too but it is not as good as the natural latex you get from the rubber tree.

Natural or Synthetic

You have two very different ways to make a latex mattress, natural or the synthetic. Both will feel 98% the same, most people can’t tell the difference.

To stop the debate of natural vs synthetic some manufacturers will make a blend of the two. This can get a bit confusing since some makers will use a little bit of natural latex and just blast their advertising saying they have a natural latex mattress. So this ends up confusing people and they don’t get what they thought they bought. It’s a scammy way to do things, but they’re getting picked out of the crowds. You’re now seeing less and less of the false advertising and now you see more truly natural latex mattresses coming out.

The Natural is more ECO-Friendly because it’s actually made from nature. The synthetic is made by using chemicals and is a Frankenstein of a Latex Bed. This is not as scary as some people make it out to be since many people sleep on a memory foam mattress which is a bed made from chemicals. A lot of the stuff you own is made from chemicals too, it’s just the stuff made from bad chemicals are the ones you want to avoid. The best way to avoid the bad is to try to buy stuff from the US since they have harder regulations to follow when manufacturing.

Latex Lifespan

Compared to memory foam, latex has a longer lifespan. I’ve seen warranties on a Latex Mattress go as high as 20 years, that’s a long time for a mattress. I would still recommend changing the mattress out 6 to 8 years. A lot of stuff can happen in 8 years, we could have “laser beds” which sleep better by then.

And if we do have laser beds then you heard it here first!

Heavier People

I find it best to get a fully latex mattress if you’re above 250 pounds. The support and comfort they supply is the best for cradling the body.

Density and ILD

You have 2 different terms to consider when shopping for a Latex Mattress. The first is Density and that is measured by taking a 1-foot cube of materials and weighing it. So if the 1-foot cube is 3 pounds then its a 3 pounds per foot. or 3lbs/ft.

The other is Indentation Load Deflection and it is a number that sums up the firmness of the mattress. Here are the numbers to figure out the firmness.

  • 14-22 = soft
  • 23-29 = medium
  • 30-37 = firm

The golden number for most people is anything from 25 to 35.


What should you place your new latex mattress on? The answer is simple, anything that is a flat smooth surface. It’s best to avoid the floor as it can trap moisture and is easier for bugs to climb into bed with you.

The best thing to get is a platform bed frame. I’m a fan of the Zinus Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform 1500 Metal Bed Frame since its simple and gives great support to the mattress. The Zinus Platform Bed Frame allows easy access to store stuff under it, a huge factor if you have a bunch of stuff.

I would avoid box springs as they can sometimes not offer the best flat surface that is needed to support a latex mattress. Also, box springs are a dying breed and only useful for the old innerspring mattress.


Before buying a Latex Mattress you want to make sure you’re not allergic to Latex. Consult your doctor before buying a Latex Mattress.

Please keep in mind that some places may not accept a return on a latex mattress if you have an allergy to it.

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