Best Mattress Topper for RV

I’ve stayed in many RV/Campers in my life and have found them all to have something in common. The mattress they use is just not that great.

I never woke up in an RV and said: “Boy, that was a great nights sleep.”

Well, I did start complaining a lot less when I picked up a Mattress Topper. A good mattress topper can take an okay RV sleep experience to a well-rested one.

Plus a mattress topper is a lot cheaper and easier than buying a whole new mattress. Have you ever had the joy of swapping out an RV mattress? Avoid it as much as you can!

What topper should you get?

There are about 3 different styles of mattress toppers, well I only consider there to be 3. You have the memory foam, latex, and stuffed toppers.

The memory foam is the most popular and often the most affordable. Combined with the best support and comfort makes people often go with it.

But there’s a catch with memory foam; it can sleep hot. 

Sleeping hot when camping is not what you want especially if your camper or RV lacks A/C.

That is where the Latex Mattress Topper shines, it sleeps cooler and can be more supportive than memory foam.

As for the stuffed toppers, they are the softest of the bunch, and they can sleep a little warm depending on the materials it stuffed with. If it’s winter and you’re camping, then a warmness of a thick memory foam or wool topper might be the one to get.

What mattress topper is the best?

Out of all 3 styles of toppers which one is the best?

None of them.

Let me explain. All 3 will be just fine, but there is a subcategory of the memory foam that is the best one to purchase. The best RV Mattress Topper has got to be the GEL Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

There are several GEL toppers to choose from, but my personal favorite is the GEL Swirl that DreamFoam (Amazon Link Ad) makes.

Click here to see reviews on the DreamFoam 2″ Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper (Amazon Link Ad)

What should you be looking out for?

An RV mattress topper is not too different than most regular toppers you get for your bedroom. The only real difference would be the size, with many RV’s using a “short queen” or a “short king” mattress.

If you don’t want the hassle of cutting up a new memory foam topper (very messy don’t try it) then look for a Short Queen or King topper.

Like always – Pick up a good mattress protector (Amazon Link Ad). A mattress protector can keep stains away from your mattress. No one is perfect, and accidents do happen – don’t act like you never spilled soda in bed!

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