Best Pillow for a Heavy Head

I’ll admit it, I’ve got a heavy head (big head). Nothing wrong with it unless you need a pillow. I went through pillows like I go through underwear. I could never find a pillow that supported my head for long periods of time, they all would go flat on me.

So I set out to find the best pillow that would work for my heavy head. What I found that certain types of pillows work better than others for people with larger heads.

Multiple Pillows

In search of the best pillow for my head, many people would tell me to just use multiple pillows. This is not a solution and you should ignore anyone who says to do this.

The problem with having multiple pillows is cost first off, and they tend to slide around. It’s hard to manage multiple pillows when all you want to do sleep.

Plus having multiple goose down pillows just creates multiple flat pillows, not a real solution.

Memory Foam Pillows Work Best For Heavy Heads

About the only pillow, I could find that is worth your time is the memory foam pillows. These are just about the only thing that will work best for someone who needs a good strong pillow.

What you want to do is get the foam pillows that have the contour to them like this one does (Perform Pillow -Bamboo). That way you also can support the neck better along with your head.

I know I shouldn’t have to point this out, but if you’re a small person then don’t get this pillow. If you’re under 5 foot 5 inches and weigh less than 170 pounds then you will hate this pillow. I’m about 240 and over 6 feet tall and it works best for me. I might have to do a post for small light headed people and what pillow works best for them since my wife is very small.

If you need the support for your head then the Perform Pillow is the ticket. It does cradle my head which is a little on the heavy side perfectly. The only downside I have with this as many of you with bigger heads will also know too well is that it does not last forever. The pillow does start to go flat after two years. Kind of sucks.

But for the first two years, it has been the best pillow that suits my needs. Unless you want to rest your head on bricks then you’ll never have a pillow that won’t go flat. All in all the Perform Pillow does the job quite well.