Can You Put a Box Spring on the Floor?

Is it going to hurt anything if I leave my box spring directly on the floor?

The answer is NObut there is more to it.

There is going to be more to it then wondering if you’ll damage your box spring by placing them on the floor and I want to cover that in this post.

It Won’t Damage A Thing

I want to start off by saying that placing your boxspring or even your mattress on the floor won’t hurt it.

In fact, its probably the best support you can get – a perfectly flat surface.

I know money can get tight and you might be searching for this because you can’t afford that one bed frame you have your eye on. But rest assured that it will be okay for the short term. But for the long term, I would not keep it this way.

The Bad News

The first thing that always comes to my mind when putting the box spring or mattress on the floor is the bugs.

I know, lame.

I’ve done the sleeping on the floor; my first apartment was just my mattress on the floor(Pictured at the top). While it was okay for a few weeks, it became an issue when the ants found me. Then the things that like to eat those ants started to hang out in my bed too.

Whether you eat in bed or not, you’ll have stuff that clings to your clothes and will also stick to the bed when you get in. That ice cream, mustard stain, or crackers you ate either in bed or not still found its way into bed is a beacon to bugs.

Unless you love waking up to bugs on you, I would avoid putting the box spring or mattress directly on the floor.

And I know many are thinking why don’t they climb the bed frame to get to you? Some can, but most of the time it’s much harder to find the little legs of a bed frame then it is to find the whole boxspring laying on the floor.

This is the reason why I always get a Mattress Encasement like this* for every mattress, to give me that extra layer from bugs.

The Warranty Could Be Affected

I see this question asked more often from people who just bought a new mattress. They only had the money for the new mattress and will get the bed frame later. It makes sense at the time, but they forget about the warranty of the mattress.

Yes, many mattress manufacturers are picky about what you put under the mattress. And yes, the floor is against the warranty claim for some.

Why? Mostly due to mold and how rough the floor can be to the mattress.

Which brings me to the next point.

Mold Growth

The problem with putting the box spring directly on the floor without a bed frame is the mold growth. There is no air flow and it’s a dark area, perfect for mold to grow.

The floor can be dry, but that one spill of your drink can last for years. Think about it; your mattress is nothing more than a giant sponge. A giant sponge that is on the floor with a box spring that is made of wood that too also holds on to liquids.

You need the air flow to stop the mold, but also to our next point.

Air Flow

Your mattress and boxspring breathe. I know it may seem like they don’t but they do.

When the only thing below you is just nothing but floor, this restricts the natural airflow that the mattress makers design for. No air flow means things like water will not be able to evaporate and those who sleep hot sleep even hotter.

You need the space under your bed to keep you from sweating yourself through the night.

Getting Out Of Bed

Getting out of bed sucks, but it sucks more when its all the way on the floor. This might not be an issue to the younger people but as you age you start to feel it.

Doesn’t Look Good

Can’t forget about the obvious thing of it not looking good. Bringing someone home and your bed is on the floor might put off the wrong vibes.

I’ve never heard anyone say “take me on the mattress on the floor,” but hey anything is possible. But I for one don’t want to risk it.

Perks Of A Boxspring And Mattress On The Floor

I’ve got to mention the perks, yes there are perks.

I’ve known couples to place their mattress on the floor when they first got there baby. Co-sleeping with the baby or child is something that people do, and they worry a tall bed could mean too much of a fall risk.

I’m not a mom, so I’m not going to pretend I know what I’m talking about when it comes to this stuff. Instead, here is an excellent article on letting your child sleep on the floor.