Should I Get A Mattress Topper or a New Mattress?

Let me just stop you right there. You have gone on the internet and asked: “should you get a mattress topper instead of a new mattress.”

You’re hoping that you can squeeze by and just buy a Mattress Topper to prolong the demise of your bed.

Now, let’s be honest with each other. If you need to ask this question then it’s safe to assume that you need a new mattress.

I know Mattresses are expensive and a Topper is a quick and affordable solution. But you have been attacking this all wrong! You have been buying the wrong mattress.

You’ve been buying the wrong mattresses

Yes, you heard me correctly, you have been buying the wrong beds. Well, I take that back. You’ve been going to the wrong places to buy your beds.

The reason why you’re considering a topper instead of a new mattress is that mattresses are expensive.


The mattresses you’ve been buying are expensive, not the mattresses I buy.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… I buy my mattresses online.

The correct mattress

The Mattresses you should be buying are the ones you get online. I know what you’re thinking… how do I try it before I buy it?

You don’t. But that’s not a big deal because you have sites like this one you’re on now that does all the testing for you. Plus many of these mattresses have a return policy.

Honestly, none of this “try before you buy” mess even matters if you buy the correct type of mattress online.

So there is no need to consider buying a Mattress Topper over a New Mattress when you can go online and buy these two categories of mattresses: Memory Foam or Latex.

If the price is an issue, then you want to stick with the Memory Foam, but if you want the best then you got to go with Latex.

How much is this going to cost?

Yes, the important question. I wouldn’t have dragged you along if it wasn’t worth it.

So let’s take your normal Mattress Topper. A Mattress Topper can range in price from $30 all the way up to $400. The $30 one is just plain horrible so you might as well forget about it and no one is going to pay over $400 for a Mattress Topper. Well maybe if it’s a Wool Topper, they’re amazing! I’ll save that for another post.

Can you buy a new mattress for the same price as a Mattress Topper?


Well, you can, but just like the $30 topper, they’re not great.

There does exist some new Memory Foam Mattresses that are actually priced really well. Here are my 3 go to Memory Foam Mattress that are great deals…

What is the best mattress?

Everyone is different, so it’s hard to say a mattress that is great for me might not be so ideal for you. The only mattress I’ve seen to meet everyone’s needs and get fantastic reviews is the Tuft & Needle Mattress.

I rather have a Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is great to make your bed cooler, firmer, or softer. If your reason to want a topper is not one of those 3 things, then you should consider a new mattress.

Sagging, broken, or whatever bedding you have will not be fixed by a magical mattress topper. Adding a topper will only be a band-aid on the problem, sure it might work for a few weeks, but you’ll be back to where you started but out the cost of a Mattress Topper.

The Mattress Topper Vs. New Mattress debate has been solved. If you Googled this, then you need a new mattress, and you know it. Don’t waste your time on a topper that might fix it for a few weeks, just get a new mattress. I know this sounds a little blunt, but I’m not like all the other sites that pander to both sides of each product. I like to give direct answers that solve the problem the best.

The most affordable and easiest way to get a new mattress is to buy it online. Look below to see some options for new memory foam beds that can be shipped to your door.

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