How To Clean Vomit From a Pillow

Sometimes things happen and you get vomit on your pillows. It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or a child, it can happen to anyone.

I want to go over what you can do to clean the vomit from the pillows and one super helpful tip to make it easier next time.

1. Frist Things First

To clean the vomit from the pillow, you’re going to need to either scoop or dump the majority of it up.

Use a towel to soak up the vomit or scoop it on to the towel. If you can take the pillow over to the sink and dump it out.

2. Wash Sheets

When you have removed most of the puke from the pillow take the case off. Throw the pillowcase, towel, or even bed sheets into the washing machine.

Run the load through the washer to clean up the rest of the vomit.

3. Can You Wash Pillows?

Now the next thing you might be wondering is if you can wash pillows in a washing machine.

Yes, you can wash most pillows in the washing machine. But to be safe, there are care instructions on the pillow to tell you how to wash them.

Make sure to wash it in the bulk settings, so they get extra clean.

Note: If you have memory foam pillows then it’s best not to wash them in the washing machine. Stick to cleaning them by hand and use an enzyme spray cleaner. Memory foam takes forever to dry so the less you expose it to water the better. Then allow it to air dry. Not letting memory foam completely dry could lead to mold growth!

4. Put Pillows In The Dryer?

Yes, the pillows can go in the dryer, but you want to stick to no-heat/tumble dry. If you must, you can do low-heat so long as it’s not feather pillows or memory foam.

Try putting tennis balls in socks with the pillows to fluff them and help them dry faster.

The pillowcase and bedding can be dry like normal.

The Tip!

The best advice I can give you is to pick up a pillow protector* and mattress protector.

If you had a pillow protector, you would only be cleaning that and not the entire pillow. Pillow protectors keep liquids from getting to the pillow and a mattress protector keeps liquids from getting to the mattress.

What To Avoid

You’ll see it all over the internet people telling you to use baking soda and vinegar for cleaning. Don’t use it. When you combine baking soda and vinegar, all it does is make salty water, and that doesn’t clean anything.

I know it looks like a lot is happening when you combine the two, but they’re giving up the energy to become something as basic as salty water.

Stick to real cleaners like enzyme cleaners*. Enzyme cleaners eat the organic materials. This helps significantly with smells! Plus, enzyme cleaners work well on drool, sweat, and urine! It’s a must have around the home.