How to Make RV Mattress More Comfortable

You have 3 options to make your RV or Camper’s Mattress more comfortable. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Class A or a Pop-up Camper, you can make your mattress more comfortable. This even works if you find your RV mattress too hard or too soft.

The 3 options are…

  1. Buy a Mattress Topper
  2. Buy an Air Mattress
  3. Or a New Mattress

Hold up, a new mattress? that can be quite expensive! Nope. We know where you can get some affordable mattresses that you can use in your RV or Camper. Also, we have tips for what Mattress Topper and Air Mattress you should buy. Most importantly we have some helpful hints to make sure your mattress stays clean and comfortable for years to come.

Mattress Topper

The simplest way to make your RV Mattress more comfortable is to buy a Mattress Topper or Pad. What you buy depends on what you want out of your mattress.

Mattress Pad: If you find your RV mattress too hard then you want to pick up a Mattress Pad.

Memory Foam Topper: If you want to make your mattress just more comfortable and supportive then you need a Memory Foam Topper. If your mattress is really worn out or if you want to make it harder then go with a thick topper. I’m a fan of the 3-inch toppers as they give the best of all worlds.

Wool Mattress Pad: If you sleep warm and also want a softer top to your RV mattress then wool is a good option. Wool is a miracle material and keeps you cool when its warm and warm when its cool. Here is a Wool Mattress Topper that I like to use.

What Size?

Usually, RV’s have a “short queen” mattress in them. But the ugly truth is that many RV and Camper mattresses are different sizes. I have a mattress size chart on the right for desktop and on the bottom if you’re on a phone. This chart will tell you what size mattresses are in inches.

Don’t panic too much. I like to default to a Queen size topper or pad when shopping for my RV’s. The worse thing that will happen is that it will hang off a few inches. I buy a Queen bed sheet and just tuck them under and I’m all done.

Air Mattress

The next option is to get rid of the old mattress and bring in a new Air Mattress. Air mattresses are quite affordable and easy to clean. Plus they’re super easy to fit into the doors of an RV.

If you’re like me, sleeping on an air mattress doesn’t feel right. So I still pick up a memory foam topper to place on top of the air mattress. Stick to only buying the air mattresses with the built-in air pumps, it will make your life so much easier.

New Mattress

I know it sounds like the last thing you want to do, but fixing an uncomfortable bed is easy if you get a new one. Mattress can be affordable if you buy them online like I do.

You don’t need anything fancy, just about any memory foam mattress will work. I’m a fan of the Sleep Master Deluxe Memory Foam 8 Inch RV / Camper / Trailer / Truck Mattress (Amazon Link Ad).

The reason why you want to stick with memory foam is if you have to cut the mattress to fit your RV’s bed frame it will be easier. It can be hard to find the correct bed for your RV, so this is the best solution for many.

I’ve seen people buy a 4-inch mattress topper to use as a mattress, while I don’t recommend doing this, it just shows you how many options you have to make your RV’s mattress more comfortable.

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