Do Memory Foam Mattresses Last Longer Than Spring?

Will it be worth it to get the memory foam mattress over the innerspring mattress? This is a common question many people are faced with these days because of the rise of memory foam.

With some memory foam mattresses costing a lot more than a Spring Mattress, you don’t want to make a mistake and get something that won’t last.

I want to go over this and also cover some of the little details you forget too. Yes – You forget a lot of important info to consider before buying a memory foam mattress!

A Mattress Deals With A Lot

It’s sometimes hard to realize how much abuse a mattress takes. It may seem so simple when you get in bed, most of the times it’s a gentle affair and nothing out of the ordinary. But the thing is that you do this every single night without fail. This constant laying down may not seem like much, but over the years it becomes a lot just like how a little stream formed the grand canyon or how your shoes wear out when you don’t think you walk that much. This is why you get the body impressions in spring mattresses over time. Not so much on memory foam as it better distributes this constant laying down better.

Because of the constant and daily laying down and just normal sleeping over time no mattress is something you “buy for life.” They all wear out, and I recommend replacing them every 5 to 7 years. I know that can seem excessive to some but when you consider how affordable modern mattresses are and how dirty a mattress can get it starts to make sense. We talk more about this “price” thing at the bottom.

Don’t forget to perform routine maintenance: No matter what mattress you get I recommend doing the maintenance on it to keep it going for the full lifespan. Don’t worry; it’s nothing crazy. For memory foam, I recommend you rotate head to feet every 3 to 4 months. I don’t recommend you flip it as most memory foam mattresses are layered with the hardest part being at the bottom.

Keep In Mind: We talked about in our last post, mattress warranty length is not the same as how long the mattress will last. Sometimes mattress warranty length is a selling tactic.

Problems With Spring Mattresses

A body impression is going to be more noticeable on a spring mattress than a foam one. Foam does soften up over time but not as bad the body impressions that springs mattresses get. Many of the modern memory foam mattresses don’t even have this issue.

Sometimes people will find a spring mattress to be uncomfortable over time because of the pressure points that dig into their bodies. Memory foam doesn’t get these pressure points because they’re better at distributing the weight more evenly.

Great Things About Memory Foam

Since memory foam doesn’t have the pressure points, you don’t have a single point of failure, and the bodies weight gets distributed more evenly. More distributed weight means better lifespan.

Memory foam has less moving parts, no springs to wear out. A more dense material the longer it can last.

The density of a memory foam mattress is important. You’ll find a density of around 3.5 to 4 lbs./ft³ to be a better memory foam mattress and should hold up longer. The heavier you are, the higher the density you must consider.

No excess motion transfer on memory foam which can over time lead to more wear and tear on spring mattresses.

Don’t also forget to consider latex mattresses as well. Some latex mattresses can last longer, and many people report them sleeping better than memory foam especially when coming from a spring mattress.

What To Consider With Memory Foam?

-Takes time to get used to, took me 2 weeks.

-Does not sleep like a spring mattress if you’re used to that.

-Any new mattress you get will need to be broken in no matter if spring or foam.

-The mattresses at the stores all feel good as people have already broken them in. So don’t compare your new mattress to the one you spent 5 minutes on at the mattress store.

-Some find them warm, but you can get Cool/Gel Memory Foam Mattresses like the Zinus 12 Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress that many people find cool to sleep on.

-Body weight will affect the lifespan on any mattress especially a memory foam one. Pay close attention to the weight limit of the mattress and the foundation too.

-Getting the correct foundation with the correct slat length is important. I’m more of a fan of the metal platform bed frames, something like the Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall T-3000 Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame (Amazon Link Ad) because I’m a bigger guy.

-How to know a memory foam mattress is worn out… When you push on the mattress, and it doesn’t come back or returns super slow. Memory foam does bounce back slow compared to a spring mattress, but if it takes longer than expected, then it could be worn out. New pains, Sagging, Body Impressions that won’t go away, Lumps or bumps in the foam could be indications too.

-I like to stick to 10 inches or more when buying a memory foam mattress. You can get by with 8 inches for a small adult or child.

Above All Else, Do This!

No matter what mattress you get you’ll want to get a mattress protector. A mattress protector can help keep the warranty (we talk more about that here). Sometimes people don’t get a mattress protector because of the old ones were noisy and hot, the new ones are far better. Many of the modern day mattress protectors look more like a regular bed sheet.

Tip: A mattresses could last longer if you protect it from yourself. Body oils, sweat, and other fluids can slowly degrade a mattress and kill its lifespan. But using a mattress protector or even an encasement will put a barrier between you and the mattress to help keep the stains and other fluids away.

The Foundation Plays A Big Role

The foundation can also play a big role in how long a mattress can last. If you place a new mattress on a worn out foundation or box spring, then it won’t last that long. That is like putting a new home on a worn out foundation.

You should replace your foundations or box spring every time you get a new mattress and make sure to get the correct foundations. Some mattresses like memory foam require a flat or a certain slat length for there mattresses to be correctly supported. We have more info on what bed frame or if you even a need a box spring here.

What To Look For When Buying A Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam is not always the more expensive option, going to the mattress stores is the more expensive option. You can get great memory foam mattresses online, and we even have some deep dive reviews on a few of them here…

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress Review: Deep Dive

Tuft & Needle Mattress Review: Deep Dive

Leesa Mattress Review: Deep Dive

The biggest perk of buying online is you avoid the extra cost that is packed into a mattress from a mattress store like the salesman commission, lights, and other things to keep a physical store running.

But the even bigger perk is that you can see what real people say about the mattress in the reviews of it. Seeing real reviews is far better than having the salesman push the mattress of the month.

Being able to see what real people are saying about the mattress is the best thing about shopping online. And sure you can’t feel it but to be honest, any new mattress is not going to feel like your old one. That is what you want, and just like shoes, it will need to break in.

There is a lot of info to take in when mattress shopping and it gets confusing especially if this will be your first Memory Foam Mattress. The good news is that I have a whole section for Foam Mattresses here that should help answer some of the more common questions I’ve run into with Memory Foam.