Sleeping on a Plane? | Do Neck Pillows Work?

I’m not going to lie, I always thought those neck pillow or travel pillow looking things people bring on the flights looked stupid. I would have never be caught wearing one of those – but then I took a long flight and I was begging for something to support my head.

They look funny and all, but do they really work? What neck pillow should I get? Well, this started my journey to find the best neck pillow that worked for me.

What is a neck pillow?

These things are everywhere and for good reason. They are pillows that support your neck and head when you’re sleeping up in a seat. They work great for any place where you can’t lay down and are forced to sleep up like on a plane, train, or even a bus.

One trick of a neck pillow is swapping it around. Most of the time people have the open end to the front, which feels better if you have a big Adam’s apple like I do. But if you swap it around you don’t get the forward neck push when laying back.

So there’s a problem

So there is a problem with this popular neck pillow. If you want to keep from having your head and neck from being pushed forward you swap the pillow around. But then you have the pillow rubbing on your neck which makes me sick because it’s rubbing the front part of the neck.

So what do you do?

The neck pillow that really works

There exist a solution to this problem.

They call them J-Pillows (Amazon Link Ad) . They cradle the head nicely and doesn’t feel like its choking you which is perfect!

Here are some common questions people might have about the J-Pillow.

Does it work for tall people?

Yes, it works quite well for anyone with a neck. Your height has no play in the usefulness of this pillow.

Is it easy to travel with?

Yes, it folds nicely and is super great for long travels on planes.

Does it work on aisle or middle seats on planes?

Yes, it kind of gives you like a wall to block others.

Can you use it with headphones?

Yes, most in-ear headphones will work with this pillow.

Is it machine washable?

Yes, you can machine was this pillow.

Can you use it for both right and left side?

Yes, the pillow can be used for either side.

Does it get hot?

No, this pillow does not get hot.

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