Are Platform Beds Comfortable?

If you’re worried about switching to a platform bed frame and if it will be comfortable then this post is for you. Honestly, you will more than likely love having a platform bed frame. Another honest point, you might not be able to tell the difference between a platform and a box spring. 

But there are many comfort factors that you need to consider that we talk about in this post. So let’s put those comfort worries to “rest.” 

Comfort – Firmer or Softer? 

There are no worries when it comes to the comfort of a platform bed frame. In fact, many people can’t tell the difference between the two. They can’t tell if a platform is firmer or softer, but they can tell the difference when compared to laying your mattress on the floor. 

The crazy part in today’s world is that you see less real box SPRINGS. Yes, many box springs don’t even have springs in them as they’re not needed. So what you have is just an empty wooden box much like a platform.  

Even better is that all the modern mattresses will work with most platform bed frames. The mattresses I consider to work the best on platform beds is memory foam or latex. 

I’ve seen many people complain about their mattress being horrible, but it was only a year or two old. I asked them what they place the mattress on and it was always along the lines of an old box spring and old bed frame. I would tell them this is the problem and not the mattress and would urge them to get a platform bed frame since many of them are price nicely. That would fix many of their issues with their mattress. Putting a new mattress on an old box spring is like putting a new house on worn-out-uneven foundations.  

The Height Comfort

One aspect of comfort that someone might have is the height. Platform beds have this stigma of being low to the floor. While this may have been true years ago, it is not anymore. 

There are plenty of tall platform bed frames you can buy. This low profile lie needs to stop. The best part of a tall platform bed frame is not only is it easy to get out of, but you can store stuff under it. If you’re looking for a tall platform bed frame that you can store stuff under then check out the Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall T-3000 Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame*.  

The height issue is more of a problem for people who are older since the stress on the knees can hurt. This is understandable, and it is best to talk to your doctor to see what they recommend in height. 

I’ve seen some people buy the basic wooden box spring and put it on top of a platform bed frame to have a super tall bed. I don’t recommend doing that unless the platform manufacturer says you can do that, but some people like having a tall bed. 

Another issue is for tall people. I’m not the tallest person, but I am just over 6 foot tall, and I sleep on a platform bed frame that measures about 24 inches high with my mattress on it, and I have no issue with getting in or out of bed. I would say this is about the standard height with platform and mattress, but there are many options to go even higher. If my mattress and bed frame were any taller I would have to jump into bed which to me seems like whole other problem. 

If you’re wondering, I’ve found a video of the platform bed frame I have…

Are they Sturdy?

The biggest perk I found with platform bed frames is their sturdiness. You can’t have good comfort if the bed frame doesn’t support you correctly. 

I find heavier people would love an all metal platform bed frame over a box spring option. All metal ones are strong and can hold up. Just makes sure to get one that is all metal, even the slats made of metal, and if it’s a Queen or King size make sure it has one or more center support legs. 

Let’s not forget that a platform bed frame can be ideal for “adult activities”. They can be sturdy, and some are quiet too, which I know can be a concern. I’ve found that an old box spring will start to squeak due to the wooden parts being worn out just like a wooden floor will creak. The platform bed frame I have mentioned above makes no noise for me. 

Air Flow

Temperature is a big factor when it comes to comfort. If you sleep hot, then you might want to consider a platform bed frame. Many platform bed frames have slats that allow the mattress to breathe. If you lay your mattress on a flat surface like a box spring, it may not be able to breathe. 

This is why I think memory foam does better on a platform bed frame because it can breathe better and keep you cooler.  

Some of these taller platforms allow more air flow under them which you would miss out on if you had a box spring. I would avoid putting stuff under the platform bed frame as to not block air flow. 

If sleeping warm is an issue, there are many options that we talk more about here

Do Need To Ventilate A Platform Bed

We mentioned air flow is important above. But when it comes to any platform bed frame you need to allow it to ventilate.

How do you allow a platform bed frame to ventilate? Simple, avoid putting too much stuff under the bed frame. If anything don’t put anything under your bed.

You’ll also want to avoid any solid pieces like plywood under the mattress as that can block air flow too.

 Pros and Cons of Platform Beds


  • Looks modern.
  • Can get in many different heights.
  • Easy to move since many come apart easy.
  • Can store stuff under them.
  • Allows for better airflow if you sleep warm. 
  • Some are surprisingly affordable and budget friendly. 
  • Sturdy and great for adult activities.
  • All Metal ones are the best for heavier people. 
  • Don’t move around as much as a mattress would on a box spring.
  • Less stuff. No box spring so less to deal with. 


  • Can’t use old bed frame that supported a box spring.
  • Some can get expensive real quick if you want a big complex one with dresser draws and such. 
  • Most of the good ones are only found online but you don’t have to deal with pushy sales people when you buy online. 

Why Not Get One

If you’re worried about getting a platform bed frame then don’t be. I have one, and I love them. The many people I recommend them to get one also love them too.  

If you want to read more about them, I have more post about platform bed frames here. But I do recommend you go online and check out your options and read the reviews to see what real people are saying.