Pros and Cons: King Vs. Queen Beds – It’s an easy choice

I love my King Size mattress!

And I think it stupid that anyone would choose a queen over a king when they have the option.

I’m so confused on why anyone would choose a queen over a king that I sat down and wrote the pros and cons of each. I thought maybe I was wrong? I still think I’m right, but you decide…

Pros of King

  • More room than a queen.
  • Keeps you from sleep-hitting your partner in bed.
  • More room for the dogs, cats, and the kids.
  • More room for family time (watch a movie in your big bed)
  • More comforting knowing you have a big bed to crawl into.
  • Spill something in bed you just move over slightly so that spot can dry.
  • More room for adult activities.
  • Less vacuuming. The more the mattress takes upon space, the less you need to vacuum. (I like this one)
  • A must-have if you’re tall. Consider a California king if you’re tall as it gives you more height.
  • The only option if your overweight.
  • A king is two twin XL mattresses put together. This means if you want those fancy adjustable bed frames that adjust individually you’ll need to go with the king. I do think adjustable bed frames will be more commonplace because the prices on them have dropped.

Cons of King

  • If you don’t have a king foundation, you’ll need to get one.
  • Bedding can be more expensive but this seems to be less of an issue these days.
  • Takes up more room, not good if you have a small room.
  • Some say it’s harder to cuddle, but I say true love knows no distance. Especially when it’s only a 16-inch difference.
  • Can make a small room look even smaller.
  • Harder to give away or sell your old mattress. Even if the mattress is brand new, it’s like you’re giving someone the plague when you tell them it’s a king size.
  • Becoming more popular after the recession.
  • Once you go king, it’s hard to go back.

Pros of Queen

  • Fits better in smaller rooms.
  • Super common and can be found everywhere.
  • The best mattress to get for guest rooms or spare rooms.
  • Often cheaper than King. But the prices of mattresses you can get online are getting more affordable now. Just check out the King Size Zinus Green Tea Mattress on Amazon (Amazon Link Ad).
  • Works better if you’re short.

Cons of Queen

  • Smaller than a king.
  • More cramp if the kids or pets jump in.
  • The default boring mattress everyone buys.
  • Throw off the balance of a large room. You don’t want the small bed in a large room look.
  • Becoming less popular

The Real Winner?

The real winner is going to be you. Sometimes you need a small mattress. And sometimes you need a large mattress.

But if you want my honest opinion, I say go with the king. You’ll have more room for the whole family to jump in for a movie night.

You have more room to spread out. And cuddling goes to a new level because of the extra room you cuddle in 3D! Cuddle on the left, the right, and down the middle!