Review: LUCID Jersey Mattress Protector

If bedwetting is an issue in your home, then you need to check ou the LUCID Super Soft Rayon from Bamboo Jersey Mattress Protector. This mattress protector not only feels amazing with its Bamboo feel but also stops liquids and resist dust mites.

I’ve been known to have a couple of mattress protectors when it comes to potty training (I explain more below). It’s not that you need them for this mattress protector, but makes potty training a little better to deal with it.

We saw many people with some questions on this product, so we want to answer some of those problems in this review.

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No Noise

I love how the mattress protectors you get today make little to no noise. Lucid had made one of the best protectors for not making much noise. Plus, it’s super soft with the use of Bamboo!

Plus, it’s super soft with the use of Bamboo!

Machine Washable

This mattress protector is able to go in the washing machine, and you dry it on low heat.

Too much heat can be bad for any mattress protector, so always use low heat. Also, use mild detergent on toppers and protectors to keep the waterproofing protection intact.


Works well for keeping liquids from getting past it. To keep it waterproof makes sure you only dry it on low heat.

If you have someone with a bed wetting issue, then this mattress protector is a must have!

What Size?

I have a mattress size chart on the right side or at the bottom depending on what device you’re on. This shows you what size in inches a Queen or sizes a mattress has. This way you know what to order if you don’t know what size mattress you have.

Deep Pockets

Fits just like a bed sheet and has a deep pockets to make it fit many different mattresses sizes.

This mattress protector can fit a mattress up to 18 inches. If you have a mattress topper, make sure the topper and mattress height is below 18 inches.

Many of the mattresses you get today are 10 to 13 inches thick, so this should not be an issue for most, but still make sure to measure before ordering.

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Even though it stops liquids, it still is breathable, so you won’t wake up sweaty and hot with this mattress protector. Great value for anyone needing a waterproof protector but still keeps you cool when you sleep.

Vinyl Free

This mattress protector is vinyl free. Since it contains no vinyl, this means it doesn’t sound like those old school plastic protectors that everyone hated. This protector feels more like a bed sheet.


The Lucid Super Soft Rayon from Bamboo Mattress Protector will work well for memory foam, spring, pillow top, or even a latex mattress.

Even an air mattress or other guest beds will be fine to use this on.

Silky or Smooth?

This mattress protector is smooth and soft as a bed sheet. You don’t slip around and the protector itself does not slide or bunch up either.

Very stretchy and easy to put on for a protector too.


You really don’t notice an odor when it comes to most mattress protectors. This mattress protector does not have an odor that I can see.

Bed Bugs

This is not meant to stop bed bugs. You will need a mattress encasement like this one (Amazon Link Ad) if you have a bed bug problem.

Dust Mites

Works well with a allergies and dust mites issue.

Not Noticeable

The thing I really like about this mattress protector is that it almost like it’s not there. But when you need it – the protection it has your back. I like to place it over the mattress topper and mattress to give my mattress the most protection.

Order Extras Ones for Bedwetting

If you’re going through potty training, then I would recommend getting 2 to 3 of any mattress protector. Potty training can take some time and to have the protectors taken care of is nice.

For example, when your mattress protector has a spill on it, you remove that one and replace it with another one while the dirty one gets cleaned.

If your child is a rough sleeper and been known to pull the sheets off then I would layer a protector on top of the other one just in case one gets pulled off.

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