Ultimate Bed Frame Buying Guide

A bed frame is one of those items you don’t really think about until you need one. A good bed frame can make or break a bedroom. A bed frame can also be the thing you need so that you’re not breaking your back to get in and out of bed.

So how do you go about picking the best bed frame for your needs?

It’s a lot simpler then you might think. Also, there are some frames you might not have heard of and may be interested in. This is what I wanted to do with this guide, show you the different bed frames out there and then find the best one that suits your needs.

First things first

What you need to do first is consider what size mattress you have and what size bedroom you have. Getting a king size bed frame for your twin mattress makes no sense at all. Also getting a bed frame that is too big for a room also makes no sense at all either.

So grab the tape measure and measure your mattress if you don’t know the size of it. If you don’t have a tape measure, then get one, but if you don’t want to get one then grab a 1 dollar bill.

A 1 dollar bill is about 6.14 inches or just 6 inches long. You can use the dollar bill as a measuring device, but it won’t be very accurate.

Here are some mattress measurements to know what size your mattress is…

  • Twin – 39 in. wide x 75 in. long (about 6 dollars wide by 12 dollars long)
  • Full – 54 in. wide x 75 in. long (about 9 dollars wide by 12 dollars long)
  • Queen – 60 in. wide x 80 in long (about 10 dollars wide by 13 dollars long)
  • King – 76 in. wide x 80 in long (about 12 dollars wide by 13 dollars long)
  • California King – 72 in. wide x 84 in. long (12 dollars wide by 14 dollars long)

Space around the bed

You need to check to see if you have plenty of space around the bed before determining what frame you should get. No point of getting a bed frame when it won’t fit in the room. Using the measurements above you can get an idea of what size mattress can fit in your bedroom.

Always make sure you have at least 2 feet on each side you plan on getting out of bed on so that you can walk into and out of bed.

Where is the bed going?

Is the bed going into your bedroom? Or is the bed going into a guest room? If its going into a guest room then you don’t need anything fancy. If you’re going to be sleeping on it and seeing it all the time it might be worth the investment for a nice one.

Maybe you might need a bed frame that also has storage under it? We’ll go into detail about this bed frame later on.


Keep in mind if you want the bed frame to match other items in your room or if you want something very practical.

Apartment living

If you live in an apartment or plan on moving often or soon then consider a bed frame that stores away and is easy to move. They even make bed frames that store away nice and neat and some don’t even need tools to be assembled.

Type of bed frames

Now the interesting and fun part. Picking the actual style of bed frame that you like. Knowing what size, where it will be used, and who will be using it you can move towards which style you like. We have listed some of the most common styles and the options. Feel free to explore and read more about them.

Platform Bed Frame

The platform bed frame is probably my favorite out of all the bed frames. It’s the most modern looking one and offers a clean look. Some platform bed frames even have storage under them like this one so that you can keep your stuff stored away.

The thing I really like about the platform bed frame is that you don’t really need a box spring with it. So this makes them great for memory foam or latex mattresses.

Canopy Bed Frame

A Canopy Bed Frame is like out of a fairy tale. You have 4 posts on each side of the bed that has a “roof” or the canopy on top. Makes you feel like you’re in a storybook or feel like royalty when you have this bed frame.

This style bed frame actually uses to serve a major solution to people who wanted to keep bugs away. You would drape a canopy on top of the frame that allows air to come in but kept bugs out. Now it’s just for looks. Some places across the world still use this style of bed frame for the original purpose, but not as much as they use.

Some Canopy bed these days don’t have the full coverage but instead of the sides covered to give you a sense of privacy. Kind of a nice feature if you have to share a bedroom. There is even privacy pop up tents you can get to make any bed into a private bed.

Bunk Beds

Bunk Bed frame is a bed frame that has a bed stacked on top of the other. If space is an issue then a bunk bed is a must-have. Mostly seen in kids rooms and often military uses, these bed frames are great if having two bed is a must but you can’t place them next to each.

The old common problem with bunk beds is who gets the top bunk? Once you have that figured out then bunk beds can be a great option if space is key.

Most bunk beds have either a twin or a full-size mattress, so really its meant for simple person per level sleeping.

Captain’s Bed Frame

A captions bed frame and platform bed frame have one thing in common, you can store things under them. A captions bed frame differs in that it has drawers that slide out for easy access. Captain’s bed frames are popular in for children and most of the time come in twin or full sizes.

You can buy captain beds for adults or for bigger beds too, they’re just not as common.

Adjustable Bed

An adjustable bed frame is one that can be moved into different positions for people. You will need an adjustable mattress that has the bends in it to work with this frame.

Many hospital bed frames are adjustable and use electric motors to move the frame up and down to get the person in the bed to sit up or lay down. You can buy adjustable bed frames that adjust by hand.

Adjustable bed frames are nice if you or someone you know is in need of the extra care that an adjustable bed will give them. Also, they’re great if you like to read in bed and don’t want to use a reading pillow.

Click Here to see more Adjustable Beds.

Four Post Bed (Poster Bed)

Just like what the name says, it’s a bed frame that has four-post or elongated legs that go up. Besides the post at each quadrant, it’s a normal bed frame. Some have nice designs carved into the wood and some have metal which really gives the mattress a modern look.

A four-post bed frame really makes me feel rich when I had one. Just something about the post raising in the air that makes me feel like I’ve made it. Plus they’re great for drying things on, but that is just me.

The post can be many different sizes, some are very tall and others you can barely tell its a post. It’s up to you to determine which style you like.

Sleigh Bed Frame

A sleigh bed frame is one that resembles a horse-drawn sleigh, you know the ones with the swooping footboard or headboard. Most of the times you can find them made of wood like an old style sleigh or made of metal.

This sleigh bed is one of the most elegant bed frames around. Some even have leather to give a finer touch.

Folding Bed

Just like the name says, these bed frames fold away for easy storage. Very popular for spare rooms where you don’t want the bed to take over the whole room. Most of these beds need a certain mattress that fold too so that it can all be stored away.

Panel Bed

A panel bed is made up of a headboard and a footboard made of flat wood boards. The big boards usually have a design of wood paneling or wainscoting. This bed frame is a more traditional look that gives you a strong feeling of sturdy-ness to it.

Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed is one of those cool beds that fold up into the wall. They usually have a dresser or bookshelf built into them so that the bed can fold back into it for a clean look.

This style of bed is popular in small apartments or small rooms where space is important. These beds do better than the Folding Bed since you can use a real mattress on them. Usually, he only limits is the thickness of the mattress can only be so much.

Trundle Bed

A trundle bed is perfect for kids who always have someone over to spend the night. A trundle bed has a normal bed on top but you can slide out another bed from under it. It’s like having a bunk bed without the worry of someone falling of the top of a bunk bed since the trundle bed is low to the ground in comparison.

Standard-Simple Bed Frame

Sometimes you just need a simple bed frame. You can buy just a simple metal tube or angle metal bed frame with no headboard or footboard. All a simple bed frame does is gets the mattress and box spring off the floor.

With a standard bed frame, you will need to use a box spring since they don’t have slats. If you need a cheap option for a bed frame then go with this one.


A day bed looks like a couch but can be used as a bed too. Kind of like a futon, but a daybed is ready to go as it’s just really a big couch. Very popular if you like to sleep and watch TV in the same room and want to save space, but hate messing with turning a couch into a bed.

Cottage Bed

A cottage bed is usually has a big headboard that is very lavish and heavy decorated. Sometimes these bed frames are the most popular to paint designs like flowers on. Some even have things carved into them or just have simple panels.

Industrial Bed

If you like simple or heavy duty looking metal bed frames then the industrial ones are for you. They haves simple lines and are made up of metal. It’s a very clean and modern look.

Wicker/Rattan Bed

Rattan or Wicker make a great bed frame and the woven designs are something admire. Most of the time they’re light weight but yet firm which most people like if they find themselves moving.

Futon Bed

A Futon is a couch that can be folded down into a bed. Usually, have small or thin mattresses on them. Fulton are very popular for some people as it gives them the correct back support that they need.

Plus a futon can be made into a bed when needed and back into a couch too. This makes futon perfect if you have a small room to sleep in.

Upholstered Beds

If you like the look of fabric then you’ll love an Upholstered Bed. Many times they’re made of simple but yet soft fabrics that feel amazing. Plus most have a button style design that makes the bed feel more premium.

Bookcase Bed

If you enjoy reading or what an extra place to keep the kids toys within reach then a book case bed frame might be the ticket. The head-board is usually the book-case and sometimes the footboard is one too.

What else do you need?

After you have picked out the bed frame that you like and suits your needs you still need to get some stuff to make your life a bit easier.

For one thing, I would pick up a good powered drill so that you can make putting the beds together a lot easier.

Depending on the bed you might also need a bed skirt so that you can clean up the lines and hide whats under the bed.

Also if you plan on storing stuff under the bed make sure you get some plastic storage bins that will fit under the bed.

Lets also not forget to get things like a mattress protector so that you can protect the mattress and also help to protect the bed frame too. These are things that are easy to forget, but really help out.

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