Ultimate Zinus Bed Frame Guide – What To Buy

With so many options for bed frames, especially the ones made by Zinus, how do you know which one is correct for you? We have solved this dilemma by creating a guide below that describes who each bed frame is made for and what makes it so great.

Zinus Bed Frame Types

Let’s start off with the many different types.






-Low Profile

-Compack Adjustable


Let’s go into more detail about each type and which ones are best suited for you.

Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation* – Sits high and perfect for storing things under it. No tools required and are easy to put together. Only good for average size people. Box spring is not needed and will require the bracket if you want to install a headboard or footboard.

Pro: Perfect for storing stuff under it.

Con: Needs extra bracket if you want to attach headboard or footboard.

Pro: Low profile

Con: Low profile, can’t store a lot under it but this is good if need a shorter bed frame.

Metal Bed Frames and Low Profile

Zinus 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame with Steel Slat Support* – This bed frame is all metal and sits up high to allow for 13 inches of clearance under it. No tools required to set up and easy to put together. This is a great bed frame if you need something that is tall with storage under it but needs to place it in a tight space or go through a tight hallway. This bed frame does look amazing, but the biggest problem I have with it is that it would have been great if the foot legs were more recessed.

Pro: Great if you need a bed frame that can get into tight spaces.

Con: Wish the legs were more recessed.

Zinus 14 Inch MyEuro SmartBase* – I’m a big fan of this bed frame because it allows for storage under it, easy to assemble, and has the wooden slats which cut down on the sliding of the mattress. This is probably one of the best frames if you live in an apartment because of how compact you can disassemble it. The bad news is that it’s not compatible with the headboard brackets though.

Pro: Great if you live in an apartment and move often.

Con: Can’t attached headboard brackets.

Zinus Quick Snap TM 14 Inch Platform Bed Frame* – This bed frame uses Zinus’s Quick Snap where you just snap the frame together. The best part of this bed frame is the slats are less than 3 inches apart, so if you’re worried about slat length for your new mattress then strongly consider this one. You can also add headboard attachments if you wanted to as it has the opening for one.

Pro: Slat length is perfect for most memory foam mattresses and Quick Snap!

Con: Need extra hardware if you want to attach the headboard.

Zinus Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform 1500H Metal Bed Frame* – Plenty of under storage. Easy to assemble. Comes with its own headboard. Simple design and looks amazing in any bedroom. Some do get confused on assembly, but if you follow the directions, it will be no problem. Not my go to if you’re rough in bed but does get the job done.

Pro: Comes with a headboard.

Con: It seems some people get the most confused with assembly on this one.

Zinus 16 Inch Platform Bed / Metal Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation with Tufted Navy Panel Headboard* – One of the more stylish bed frames Zinus makes. This one comes with the headboard with the padding on it. Looks good. No box spring is needed and is one of the tallest bed frames they make with even more room for storage under it.

Pro: Has headboard with padding on it and is extra tall!

Con: Might be too tall for someone who is short.

Zinus 14 Inch Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation* – ***HEAVY DUTY!*** If you need a bed frame that is strong and can hold up then the Elite models from Zinus is the way to go. This is the killer feature of this bed frame along with the under storage. And yes, it’s quiet and super easy to assemble!


Con: All metal slats, not as comfortable as wooden but if you need something strong this is the bed frame.

Wooden Bed Frames/Upholstered

Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed with Wooden Slats* – This is what I use and love it. It’s the best looking bed frame if you want the leather look. Even stores away in the headboard if you move and you can hide stuff in the headboard when it’s assembled. Was not hard to assemble but does take a bit to do so. I love the fact that the mattress doesn’t slide around because of the wooden slats. The only thing I wish is that the legs on the side were more recessed. Storage is not the best compared to the metal ones above, but I can store stuff under it. I don’t like storing stuff under my beds as I sleep hot and to keep the air flowing under them to help with the heat.

Pro: It’s what I personally use. Has storage in the headboard. Wooden Slats. Fits my memory foam mattress perfect.

Con: Wished the legs were more recessed on the side.

Zinus Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed with Wooden Slat Support* – If you don’t like the looks of leather then the Diamond Stitched is a great option. Much like the Faux Leather model above you get a great platform bed frame from Zinus with the wooden slats. The mattress doesn’t slide around because of the slats and will work great for most, if not all, memory foam mattresses. It’s not hard to assemble but will take a bit of time to get it together, usually takes me like an hour for a bed frame like this (and I move slow).

Pro: Diamond Stitched Upholstered design, with many of the benefits of the faux leather one above.

Con: Wished the legs were more recessed.

Zinus 12 Inch Deluxe Wood Platform Bed* – No box spring is needed, you might notice the trend that platform bed frames don’t need box springs nor should you ever use a box spring again. This is an all wooden design which goes well with a bedroom that follows the same style. The problem I have with it is that you can’t use a headboard or footboard with this frame. I do like the wooden slats that are used as it cuts down on a sliding mattress.

Pro: All wooden design.

Con: Can’t use headboard or footboard.

Zinus Ironline Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Headboard* – If I had to buy another bed frame this one would be a strong contender. Just the looks of this wooden meets metal bed frame have me in love with it. There is even an option to add the footboard which I think is a must have as it looks amazing too. The slat length is perfect for most memory foam mattresses or even latex mattresses. No box spring is needed, and it’s easy to assemble. The only thing I wish it had was more storage under it, but if you have a tall mattress like 12 inches plus this would be ideal for you as a bed frame.

Pro: Great combo of wood and metal and has a great option to get the footboard model. Looks the best out of all the bed frames if you ask me.

Con: Wish it had more under storage.

Zinus Upholstered Button-Tufted Premium Platform Bed* – If you enjoy the more premium feel and nicer things in life then this is your bed frame. You have the soft feel of the upholstery of this frame along with all the benefits of that Zinus gives in their bed frames. You also have the wooden slats which help to cut down on the sliding of your mattress, and they’re spaced out fine for most memory foam mattresses. The only bad thing about this bed frame is that it’s not going to have a lot of storage under it but not a big deal if you sleep hot as you want as much airflow as possible.

Pro: The most PREMIUM FEEL of all the Zinus bed frames.

Con: Not a lot of storage under it, could be more.

Zinus 14 Inch Wood Platform Bed* – Another great looking wooden bed frame. Easy to assemble and no box spring is needed. Has the wooden slats which give great support to a mattress and are plenty close enough for cradling memory foam mattresses. Also, the height is just enough for useful storage under it.

Pro: Wooden bed frame with just enough storage under it.

Con: Could be more storage under it but I’m really just nitpicking on this one.

Zinus Adjustable Bed Frames

Zinus Deluxe Smart.Bed Frame / Adjustable Bed Frame* – I really do think adjustable bed frames will become the norm here soon. We spend a lot of time reading, watching TV, and playing on our computers in bed, so an adjustable bed frame makes sense to everyone. No need to prop yourself up with pillows when you can use your bed frame to lift you up. This one comes with a wireless remote and USB ports for charging your phone and tablets. You can even program the settings you want for the bed too. The best part of this bed frame is the cost; it’s not as costly as the other adjustable bed frames. The bad news, they’re heavy and often you need help getting them in your home. But if you plan on not moving then this I would say is the best bed frame you can get no matter if your young or old.

Pro: Great Price for an Adjustable Bed Frame and super useful features like USB plugs.

Con: It’s heavy and not as easy to move like all the other bed frames.

Compack Bed Frames

Zinus Compack Adjustable Steel Bed Frame* – Simple, affordable and easy to assemble. If all you need is something cheap and simple, this is the bed frame. BUT… you need a box spring with this bed frame! I’m not a fan of box springs anymore as they seem to be fading away, but if you need a bed frame that works with a box spring, then this one will work for you.

Pro: Simple and affordable.

Con: You need to use a Box Spring with it.

Zinus Easy Assembly Quick Lock Twin Loft Metal Bed Frame – If you need a bed frame for the kids that also has a loft under it for them to have a desk or a place to play then this is the bed frame for you. It has the quick lock assemble process and the space-saving design.

Pro: Great for the kids.

Con: Higher than a normal bed frame from the ground.


Zinus Metal Framed Canopy Four Poster Platform Bed Frame* – If you enjoy the look of a Canopy Bed Frame then Zinus has this one for you. Its an all metal design with metal slats. The best part is the height of this bed frame for storage, and of course, it makes you feel like royalty!

Pro: Can add canopy and fabrics around you to make a “princess” bed.

Con: You need to make sure the room you put it in has the height for the canopy.

What Is The Best

If you need to know what is the best bed frame to get it would be any of the metal bed frames. I only say this because they will hold up better to the abuse and will stay more rigid over time.

But Metal might not be the best for you, I for one didn’t go with metal for my bed frame. I went with the upholstered Faux Leather one above and I love it. Sometimes you need a good combination of looks to function. I’m not super rough, but I feel the bed frame will hold up to anything I throw at it. And I love the wooden slats as I feel it gives the best support to memory foam mattresses. But will this mattress last as long as a metal one? Probably not, but it sure will be the best for my bedroom and comfort.

At the end of the day, the best is what is best for you, and that is why I recommend checking each one out in more detail to see what the reviews and what real people say about it before you buy. Everyone’s needs will be different.

Best For Kids

The best bed frame for the kids will be the loft or any of the simple metal bed frames. I would go with the loft as most kids will love climbing into bed and having a little space under it for toys or a desk.

There is some risk as the loft style puts them up high and if that is a major concern you can still get a metal platform bed frame. You want metal so it will grow with them as they will get new mattresses or bigger mattresses as they grow.

Best For Couples

Picking the best bed frame for couples is a hard thing to do. You should go with whatever style you like and what caters to your needs as a couple.

But if you want my opinion I say go with anything that is metal and comes in a king size. Why? Well, a king size means a king size mattress and that extra space is needed if you’re a regular couple with pets and kids that like to sleep in the bed too.

As for the metal, it’s for the rough adult time. It needs to be said, and metal will hold up better for the people who are extra freaky in bed. Not saying all the wooden ones are junk but metal is metal and if you have any doubt go full-on metal my friend.

Best For Memory Foam Mattresses

For memory foam mattresses you only need to care about the slat length. I would avoid the bed frames that require a box spring as box springs can trap the heat and hurt the airflow.

Stick to the bed frame that is under 3 inches slat length apart, so the memory foam mattress doesn’t fall through the slats.

If this is your first time on a memory foam mattress, you might want to go with the wooden slat models as it gives a little more bounce to the whole bed instead of rigid metal slats. If you have kids, pets, or even yourself, that jumps into bed and does who knows what then the metal might be better.

I personally chose the wooden slats as I find them to be more comfortable for my memory foam mattresses. You can’t go wrong with there upholstered bed frames with the wooden slats and is what I pick every time.