Avoid Box Springs if you’re Overweight – Do This!

If you can hear your box spring creaking or even splintering and you’re overweight, then it’s time to fix that. You don’t want to be woken up by the bedframe or the box spring breaking and you end up on the floor. Nothing worse than that.

When you’re overweight standard box springs should be avoided. In fact, I’m not a fan of box springs for anyone. I even talk about how pointless they are here.

The best way to go about this is to have a sturdy metal platform bed frame. Everything but the mattress itself should be metal, avoid those dinky little wooden cheap box springs you get with mattresses at mattress stores.

Get The Right Stuff

If you’re looking for a box spring or the one you have now is worn out then it’s probably safe to assume you need a new mattress. And if you say you don’t then you should get one especially if the mattress is over 7 years old.

I know what you’re thinking, buying a mattress is not fun. Well, that is because you’ve been doing it wrong. The best way to purchase a mattress is online, so you avoid the mess of dealing with sales people. Another problem I have with those mattress stores is that they push box springs as if you need them and the ones they do give you are made of wood and glue. Wood and glue don’t hold up even if your normal weight and is an insult when they say they will “throw it in.”

We must not lie to ourselves because lying just means more sleeping pains and troubles.

What we need is a strong foundation, one made of metal kind of like the Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall T-3000*. Would you build a house on a weak foundation? NOPE! You build it strong, and that is why you should stick to a good metal heavy-duty bed frame.

Get A Platform Bed Frame

I think it’s best to avoid the box spring altogether. Instead get a platform bed frame that is made of metal. In fact, many of those boxsprings are basic platforms to begin with and have no real “spring” to them. That spring used to be needed in old style mattresses but modern mattresses don’t need them.

Many of the platform bed frames are high enough so that it’s not a pain to get in and out of bed. Some are so high that you can store stuff under them. Kind of cool, but I like to keep mine empty to allow better air flow as I sleep hot.

How Do You Know It Will Work?

You can, of course, read the info about all the weight limits for a bed frame. But looking at a metal bed frame and comparing them to others like it seem to line up with the weight capacities.

What I mean is that a metal bed frame with square metal slats is obviously going to hold up better than one with small and thin metal rods.

If you’re wondering what bed frame to get I have done a review here on the Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame T-3000.

What If You Keep Using A Box Spring?

What will happen if you keep using a box spring if you’re overweight – maybe it came with your new mattress? Honestly, nothing will happen —-yet.

It might be fine for a month, a year, or it may never break. It’s a gamble. If you don’t mind gambling with your sleep, then keep on using that box spring. I’m not going to stop you.

But to me, box springs are old tech and not built for real people anymore because everyone wants something cheaper-faster-stronger, but you can’t get all 3 these days. I rather do my research so that I can make sure the “stronger” category is the one that is being highlighted. You know they highlight it when they use the words “heavy-duty” in the name of the product. If you’re given a box spring then I assume “cheaper” was the category they were going after and I’m not about that.

I’m a big fan of metal bed frames as I don’t want to gamble with my sleep and to be honest, I don’t want to have to think about if the bed is going to break on me when I go to bed. I go the route that I like, and I get a sturdy, heavy-duty bed frame, and I can’t complain.