Review: Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Bed Frame T-3000

If you’re looking for a strong and sturdy bed frame then the Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel T-3000 has got you covered. I honestly want to say that this bed frame is one of the most sturdy bed frames we have ever seen.

In this review, we go over some of the common questions people might have about this bed frame. We also point out some things you might not have thought about when buying a bed frame too.

We hope this makes looking for a bed frame a bit easier, we still recommend you check out what others are saying about this bed frame.

Slat Length

The slats are about 7.5 inches apart. If you have memory foam or latex mattress, I recommend getting plywood or something flat like a Bunkie Board (if it’s a twin mattress) to lay under the mattress to give you better support.


This bed frame is very sturdy – like really sturdy. If you need a bed frame that won’t let you down, then the Olee Sleep T-3000 is the ticket. It does not move of flex on you when you move around on the mattress.

Box Spring

This bed frame and many other platform bed frames do not need a box spring. We recommend you not use a box spring at all.

If you must or want to use a box spring you can. Just don’t use a worn out box spring. We have found that many issues people may have with their mattress can come from a worn out box spring.


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Heavy People

If you’re on the heavier side, then this bed frame will work fine for you. It’s heavy duty and can hold up very well. Even for heavy couples, I recommend getting this bed frame.

Clearance Under the Bed Frame

You have a good 12 inches, a little to spare but 12 inches is fair to say. That’s quite a bit of room under the bed frame.

If you plan on storing anything under any bed frame, we recommend you put everything in storage boxes like so that it keeps it clean and helps with the heat. We found the too much stuff or stuff like comforters not in sealed up boxes can create or trap heat.

Tempurpedic – Memory Foam – Latex

This will work well for any Tempurpedic Mattress, Memory Foam, Latex, and even Spring Mattresses.

If it’s a Memory Foam or Latex I would recommend getting a flat board such as plywood, thick and strong cardboard, or a Bunkie Board if its a Twin to help give it better support. A Spring Mattress can be placed right on it. If it’s a Tempurpedic, then you need a solid flat surface to put it on.

If it’s a Tempurpedic Mattress, then you need a solid flat surface to put it on no matter what. Just the rules that Tempurpedic has about their mattresses. For more info on this visit their website to see about warranty and bed frames.

If your mattress is over five years old, then consider getting a new one. No point of getting a new bed frame and not a new mattress. You can find some affordable mattresses online, and you don’t have to deal with annoying salespeople and high markups. I’m a fan of the Tuft & Needle Mattress; I have a Deep Dive review on it here if you want to learn more.


When assembled correctly you can add a headboard to this frame. I noticed in some reviews some people say you can’t add a headboard, don’t know why. Could it be a running change? Could they have assembled it wrong? I’m not quite sure.


I would not add wheels to the legs of this bed frame.


It does come with all the stuff you need to assemble it.

To make your life easier please consider an electric drill, so you don’t wear your hands out. Also, pick up a universal joint for all those tight spots and an Allen bit set too. You will thank me later, and plus having a good drill and tools around is always good. You will need Socket Adapters if you use the Allen bit set with the universal joint on the electric drill.


This bed frame is very quiet. It does not move around or even wiggle.

Slats and Screws

The slats are not secured by screws. This makes it easier to move the bed frame if you do move. It’s also not needed to have screws hold the slats in place as Olee has a good way to hold the slats in. No need to worry about the slats moving.

Central Legs

This bed frame does have central leg support. I know some mattresses require you to have central legs to keep the warranty right. This Bed Frame has you covered.

You can not remove the central leg and I’m not quite sure why someone would. Just letting you know.

Adult Stuff

This frame holds up very well to “adult activities”. Very sturdy and quiet.

How it’s Shipped

It comes in a medium-ish box that you must assemble it. It is just one box, and one person can lift it, but I recommend a two-person lift.


This bed frame does have a little lip that keeps the mattress from sliding off.


This bed frame is about 14 inches from floor to the top of the bed frame where you place the mattress. It has a good height which makes it easy for getting in and out of the bed. I call it the just right for putting my shoes on height.

Hardwood Floors

The Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Bed Frame T-3000 does have plastic caps on the bottom of the legs, but I still recommend using Floor Protector Coasters if you’re worried about scratching floors.

All Metal

This bed frame is all metal with a very few plastic parts. This all metal construction is what makes it so sturdy and keeps the squeaking down. You will not find any wood or weak materials holding this bed frame together – it’s all sturdy metal.

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