Answering Common Questions on Box Springs

I’ve noticed that a lot of people have questions about box springs, so I want to answer the common ones in this post.

Not only do I want to answer the common questions but I want to address the issues with Box Springs at the end.

Which Side of the Box Spring Is Up?

All box springs will have a side that is more finished than the other. The finished side is often softer or smoother and that is your top.

Another way to tell is the top side will be more solid and flat, and the bottom will be more open. The bottom may even have a breathable cloth-like material over it too.

Box Spring Upside Down?

No, you should not use the box spring upside down.

You could damage the mattress especially if it’s memory foam. An upside down box spring will allow the mattress to sink in the wide gaps and make the mattress uncomfortable.

A box spring that is not placed the right way up can often be the reason why your back hurts, or the reason a bed doesn’t feel comfortable.

Can You Put the Box Spring on the Floor?

You could put the box spring on the floor with no bed frame if you wanted to. But I don’t recommend it.

Can You Cut the Box Spring?

I’ve had this question asked many times, can you cut the box spring to get it up the stairs?

Nope. But they do make box springs that are metal that you assemble which would work. Check out the Zinus 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring*.

How to Stop Box Spring Squeaking?

This post should help you with that.

How to Dispose of Box Spring?

Just like a mattress, you can’t donate things like mattresses or box springs. Its consider a health hazard in many states.

Many recycling centers will take them so they can reuse the metal and wood in them. But it’s best to call or visit your local recycle centers website.

You can always use the service like 1-800 junk to take the mattress, box spring, and whatever else you got. But they do charge.

And no, Goodwill will not take anything relating to mattresses.

Fix Broken Box Spring Boards

Hate to tell you this, but when your box spring breaks you can’t fix it.

If the wood breaks then that is it for the box spring. That just the nature of the wood.

You should get a metal bed frame like the Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation*, so you don’t have to worry about wood anymore.

Can a Box Spring Get Bed Bugs?

Yes, they can get bed bugs.

Bed bugs like to hide in tight spaces. So if you think you have bed bugs, then the box spring is a goner too.

Can I Put a Box Spring on a Platform Bed?

No, you should avoid putting them on a platform bed frame. You could damage the platform.

Most platform bed frames don’t need a box spring at all. If you need more height, then use bed risers.

Latex and Memory Foam

A box spring will work fine with latex or memory foam mattresses.

Box Spring Sold Separately?

Oh yes! You can buy a mattress online without ever needing a box spring at all. In fact, I highly recommend not getting a box spring.

Just check out how affordable and easy it is to buy a mattress online. Check out the Zinus Green Tea memory foam mattress*.

Box Spring Make Your Back Hurt?

Yes, your box spring could be making your back hurt. If the foundation is not correct, then the house is sure to crumble. Same goes for your box spring and your back.

When Should You Replace Your Box Spring?

You need a new box spring when you get a new mattress.

But if you’re getting a new mattress, you might not even need a new box spring. Many of the modern mattresses prefer a platform bed frame instead.

Read the section below to understand this better.

The Problem With Box Springs

Box Springs are dying, no one is using them as much these days.

The reason is that platform bed frames are better and more often more affordable.

Plus, many of the memory foam mattresses or latex mattress do better without a box spring.

You should check out my Ultimate Bed Frame Guide to see what you’re missing out on.