Best Silent Alarm Clocks

Did you know that the traditional alarm clocks are the worst ways to get a person up in the morning? 

A silent alarm clock can be the best way to wake up in the mornings if you don’t want to wake your partner, other people in the home, or if you can’t hear (deaf) a regular alarm clock. I for one could never wake up to a standard buzzing alarm clock.

After much research, I’ve found the best silent alarm clocks you can buy. Many of them vibrate you awake but there are a few that use light and other methods to get you up.

Best Silent Vibrating Alarm Clock

Up first for review is the Shake-N-Wake Vibrating Personal Alarm Clock*. Just like the name says, this alarm clock vibrates to wake you up. Just put it on before you go to bed and set the alarm and your wrist will be shaken to wake you. Works kind of like a silent alarm clock bracelet.

It is an odd feeling to have your hand or your arm vibrate you awake, but it is super effective. This is perfect for anyone hard of hearing.

Downside: There is a downside to this silent alarm clock. Though it is super effective to wake you up, we find it to be bulkier than other options.

If all you need is a simple alarm clock that vibrates you awake, then this is all you need. The band is comfortable enough and not an issue, but it is a little bulky if you lay on that hand.

Upside: An upside to this silent alarm clock is that it has a snooze function. Many silent alarms don’t have this, and for some, this is a must-have. The snooze is about 5 minutes long and does well. The biggest upside is the price, just check out the price of the Shake-N-Wake Here.

The vibration of this thing is so strong that I feel like a person who suffers from something like hypersomnia would love this alarm clock.

To solve the issue of it being too bulky, I would recommend placing it under your pillow. The vibrations are strong enough under your pillow to wake you no problem; this little thing packs a punch. I even heard of some people putting this alarm on their ankles. The product is made for ankles so I can’t recommend that, but I thought that was interesting.

It runs on AAA Batteries and can go for a good bit. I like to buy a big stockpile of batteries just to be ready. Since it runs on batteries, a big upside is that it is portable!

Fitbit – One of the Best Silent Alarm Clocks

Fitbit silent alram clock is one fo the best silent alarm clocks you can get to wake you up in the morning

My personal favorite silent alarm clock to use is a Fitbit Charge 3*. I find it very slim and comfortable to wear to bed and gives enough vibration to wake you up.

But that is not the biggest reason why I use it. The Fitbit can also track how well you sleep as well as how many steps you take. I love looking at the data about my sleep.

The Fitbit is multi-useful, but it’s a little more on the pricier side. It has a good reason to be more costly – it does more! All the things it does and the features it has you could consider it a real bargain.

Downside: Not as “loud” and cost a little more compared to the wrist alarm above.

Upside: Small and doesn’t get in the way. Also, tracks your sleep and can use it to track your steps through the day too.

Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light – No Sound Alarm Clock

If you need an entirely quiet alarm clock, then the Philips HF3520* is the alarm clock for you. This is probably the coolest and most ingenious way to wake someone up.

Right before its time to wake up the “light alarm” turns on and slowly gets brighter until its time to fully wake up. What it does is simulate sunlight and slowly gets brighter.

Your body naturally loves this, and you don’t have that annoying jolt to wake up to a buzzing alarm. I find that you will wake up more rested because it slowly wakes you up instead of scaring you awake like other alarm clocks. It’s like being kissed by the sun, very peaceful.

Another cool feature is that you can also wake up to sounds of birds chirping, how cool is that?

Downside: It doesn’t have a battery backup, so if the power goes out the alarm will not work. This is why for important meetings I use the Fitbit and this combined. The Fitbit is the backup alarm.

Upside: You’re not jolted awake by annoying sounds or vibrations. It’s a nice and easy way to wake up, and it feels fantastic!

Best Silent Pillow Alarm

You can also get silent alarms that go under your pillow. I’m a big fan of the iLuv SmartShaker App-Enabled Portable Vibrating Travel Alarm* because it is so small and the battery life is excellent. Just set it up with your phone, and you’re done. You even have a snooze button too!

For the price, the SmartShaker is an excellent value for anyone looking for a silent alarm that fits under a pillow and does not get in the way.

Future Silent Alarm Clocks

What would be cool would be a Ring type of silent alarm clock. Just slip it on your finger, and it would vibrate to wake you like a wrist or bracelet style silent alarm. Only charge it when you first wake up and set it up by Bluetooth with your phone.

I can’t find any Ring Silent Alarm Clocks that are for sale yet. There are some interesting concepts of them here.

Silent Alarm That Won’t Wake Partner

If you need ideas for the best alarm clock that does not wake your sleeping partner I have a post on that here. I give you many options to pick so you can find the best alarm that fits your needs.

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