Can You Fill an Air Mattress with Water

I was sitting here looking at my air mattress and and a thought came through my head. Can you fill an air mattress with water? This could be a hugely beneficial¬†thing when camping for water storage and having a “water bed” when sleeping.

So I dug deep into this idea to see if you can do it.

To simply answer the question, you can fill a air bed with water. But I would not recommend doing it.

The problem you can run into the seams of the air bed holding up. The seams are not meant to hold back water.

I filled my air mattress with water and I did start to move around and after awhile a seam broke on the corner. Good thing I was outside when I did this – the bad part I’m down an air bed.

After breaking the air mattress a thought came to my mind. You may be able to drain the water out of the bed, but you’ll never get it all out. So this could leave water behind and create mold. There is water left behind in the a dark empty air mattress is perfect for mold to grow.

Is it a good idea to fill an air mattress with water? No, for the simple fact it will break and cause mold. 

Also I would worry about the chemicals they use for making the mattress might not be the best for water storage.

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