Review: Zinus SmartBase 18 inch Foundation

I don’t know what Zinus doesn’t get more love in the bed frame world. They really have taken the bed world by storm with all their new designs. One in design that I have come to love is the new Premium SmartBase one*.

This new frame really shines due to it being a bit taller than other bed frames like. This makes storing stuff under this platform bed a lot easier. What I like about it is that I’m a tall guy and the little extra height is great for me.

Plus tall beds seem to be really popular here lately.

Another thing that is great about the Zinus SmartBase bed frames is that they don’t need any major tools to assemble them. They’re quite easy to install and move around if you ever find yourself needing to move.

This review is a bit different than others. I want to answer some common questions people might have about this bed frame and others like it. So I’ll for through answer some common questions about this and hopefully make the buying process a little easier for you.

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What is the weight limit?

This frame will hold about 2400 pounds (on a queen size frame) that are evenly distributed. This counts the mattress and whatever else you put on top of it.

Headboard and footboard?

You can attach a headboard or footboard to this frame, but you will need the SmartBase brackets* to attach them to.

Can you use this with a memory foam mattress?

Yes, you can use this with a memory foam mattress or even latex mattress. No box spring is needed for most memory foam mattress and this type of platform bed frame will work just fine.

Are the legs recessed?

The legs a little bit recessed to keep from hitting your toe and to give a clean look too.

What size bed skirt?

I would go with a 16 inch bed skirt to make sure you cover it.

Can this bed frame hold up to a rough time in bed?

Yes. Silly question, but it will hold up very well to whatever you do in bed.

Any squeaks?

No, its is a very solidly built bed frame. I’m rough on bed frames and I have yet to hear a SmartBase squeak on me.

Does the mattress slide around?

No, I don’t see a mattress sliding around on this bed frame. I’ve used a 10 inch memory foam mattress on it and it did not slide around. There is no lip but did not see it needing one since it does not slide. Sometimes you can get a non-sliding mat with some bed frames, but I don’t see a need for one on this bed frame.

How much clearance under the bed?

You got about 16.5 inches under the bed for storage which is quite a lot for a bed frame.

Can you use it with an air mattress?

Yes, it will be fine with a regular air mattress. There is plenty of support for it.

Hardwood floors?

The feet are rubberized so it doesn’t really slide around on hardwood or other floors in your house.

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